Searchmetrics Research Cloud creates Chinese online market transparency for the first time

  • Detailed information on website performance, growth potential and competition analysis opens new opportunities for strategic business planning in China
  • Data from the largest online market in the world is based on Baidu, China’s most important search engine

SAN MATEO, Calif. (October 27, 2016) ‒ In a worldwide first, Searchmetrics Inc. is now providing comprehensive on-demand research data on search and content performance from China, giving Searchmetrics customers a way to analyze their market position against digital competition in the largest online market in the world.

The data is based on Baidu, the most-used Internet search engine in China, serving as an important foundation for strategic business planning in Asia. China is by far the largest online market in the world, with more than 721 million Chinese online today. It equates to more than double the population of the U.S. China is also the largest e-commerce market in the world, with nearly 60 percent of those Chinese users making online purchases for an estimated sales volume of about $715 billion (USD) this year.

“China is a unique online market for many reasons. In view of its size and economic importance, it is of increasing strategic importance for our customers,’’ said Marcus Tober, founder and CTO of Searchmetrics. “For me, it was therefore always clear that data from China must also be accessible via the Searchmetrics Research Cloud.”

With the addition of China to the Searchmetrics Research Cloud, Searchmetrics Suite users with the Enterprise 2014 version (and later) are gaining important insights to help with their strategic business planning. The detailed information on competitors, growth potential and performance is not just invaluable for website optimization; it can also be used to analyze demand and market opportunities in China.

“The particular challenge that lies in the meaningful aggregation of the data makes us to the only company in the world to deliver comprehensive ad-hoc research data on search and content performance from China,” Tober said

“The strategic importance of search performance data from China is obvious,” added Volker Smid, CEO of Searchmetrics. “The online search journey is a very reliable indicator of what people want, what topics move them and what products they are interested in. This data now available via Searchmetrics for the first time is therefore a ‘no-brainer’ for any company that wants to do business in China, even if the commerce is not online.”

Basic knowledge for strategic decision-making

With the Research Cloud, Searchmetrics revolutionized the industry in 2015. The software solution provides customers with ad-hoc access to the industry’s largest search and content database. With more than 250 billion constantly updated data points on content, SEO, PPC, social and mobile, all relevant information from over 140 million domains worldwide can be analyzed at the click of a mouse in an innovative, transparent user interface.

Searchmetrics’ global research database provides historical search data on all six continents and, unlike other tools, sifts through the entire online business of companies ‒ and that of their competitors. The Searchmetrics Research Cloud now includes on-demand data for 28 countries, including the new market of China.

The Research Cloud is an integral part of Searchmetrics Suite. The world’s leading enterprise platform for search and content performance allows customers to implement individual online optimization strategies in more than 130 markets worldwide, based on consistent workflows and performance indicators. In China, the Soso, Qihoo and Sogou search engines are also available for individual analyzes, in addition to Baidu.

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