Online Workshop:
Surviving the Search Plateau
3 Tactics to Bring Your Website’s SEO Visibility to New Heights

Surviving the Search Plateau:
3 Tactics to Bring Your Website’s SEO Visibility to New Heights

After countless hours of fine tuning, you’ve worked from scratch to set the scene for great SEO performance – every technical challenge tackled, and every slice of content in check. But after initial optimization, you see a slow in your once-skyrocketing SEO visibility as the obvious options for optimization begin to run low.

Now what?

In this guided conversation, we’ll discuss the optimization techniques you need to prioritize in order to overcome the “SEO Plateau” and get your site progressing steadily once again, including how to:

  • Leverage your content to maximize performance
  • Boost your traffic by identifying and reaching expanded, but equally relevant audiences
  • Get “back to the basics” that are often overlooked SEO best practices and fundamentals



Discussion and Q&A led by:
Jordan Koene, Chief Evangelist, VP of Professional Services
As Searchmetrics evangelist, Jordan works with enterprise businesses, helping them understand and plan how to maximize the value of search in their marketing mix with the help of Searchmetrics technology.

Jordan will be joined by our In-House SEO Specialists, Sebastien Edgar and Tyson Stockton; who will share their insights and expertise, as well as successful best practices leveraged by their enterprise clients.