Searchmetrics maintains the lead in search and social analytics software

Positive results for 2012 – 50% more new customers / steady growth in partner network / sales of licenses for Searchmetrics Suite increase

New York, New York, May 1, 2013: With the introduction of the sixth version of Searchmetrics Suite, the expansion of top management, a growing workforce and an award win, 2012 was an eventful year for Searchmetrics, the pioneer and leader in search and social analytics software.

The expansion of international business went extremely well; with about 50% new customer growth coming primarily from the strategically important markets of the United States and Great Britain helping to double monthly software revenue in 2012. To establish a stronger presence internationally the top management of the Berlin-based company reorganized itself in Fall 2012 with the addition of the new CEO Tom Schuster. Schuster has taken up his position alongside CTO and company founder Marcus Tober and CFO and board member Dirk Wolf, with the aim of accelerating the pace of the national and international business development.

Special attention has been given to the area of OEM partnerships, another growing line of business for Searchmetrics.

We offer collaborative opportunities to other providers of professional online marketing products, as well as white label solutions to allow them to offer our data under their name. We were able to significantly expand this type of collaboration last year,” explains CEO Tom Schuster.

More than 120 partners from 15 countries are now part of Searchmetrics’ global network – with a total of more than 50,000 paying customers putting their trust in Searchmetrics’ products.

The Searchmetrics Suite, the company’s flagship product has already undergone several modifications and numerous extensions in its brief history as CEO Tom Schuster explains:

The requirements for good professional search engine marketing change almost daily. Few markets are as dynamic. We’ve recognized that flexibility is a very important component of our business, and with the current Suite we have created software which makes this flexibility possible for us.”

Since June of last year Searchmetrics has offered Suite 6, a completely new development with an even greater focus on user-friendliness, speed, data quality, customization, and scalability.

“In this product, all our experience from the past years has come together, along with feedback, praise, and suggestions from our customers,” says CTO and Searchmetrics founder Marcus Tober. “35 developers and six product managers worked meticulously on the Suite for more than 20 months.”

The result is a comprehensive software product that has enabled the company to achieve strong growth in 2012. Sales of user licenses for Searchmetrics Suitealone grew by 200%. Indications for the current business year are also looking positive – the secured order backlog for 2013 at the start of the year was already greater than the total volume for 2012.

The positive business trend emphasizes the good instincts of company founder Marcus Tober. In 2005, the leading SEO expert spotted a gap in the market in the sector and developed a software program which enabled him for the first time to measure in-house and third-party SEO projects and verify them with a current and reliable database.

“At that time, SEO was still in its infancy. There were a few pioneers and really very few rules,” remembers Tober.

Within just a few years, his first idea became one of the most innovative and comprehensive analysis software packages. With it, online agencies, SEO experts and companies can professionally control and optimize all of their SEO activities on both a national and international level.

In order to maintain the high level of quality, Searchmetrics currently employs almost 100 employees and has expanded its workforce by 12%, said CEO Tom Schuster.

Our Suite is intentionally designed in such a way that we can expand it at any time and react flexibly to market changes,” explains founder Marcus Tober.

Searchmetrics has demonstrated that its ability in recent months, with numerous extensions being added to the software recently to make it easier for customers to individually manage and control projects. And new data such as the expansion of regional search allow evaluations and analyses to be ever more needs-based.

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