Searchmetrics expands local search data

Helps online marketers run targeted local search campaigns in even more cities

New York, 19 March 2013: Searchmetrics, the leader in search and social analytics software, has expanded the localized search data it provides to allow online marketers to analyze search results in 155 cities and 14 countries around the world1. They can now monitor how their sites are performing in even more locations in order to fine tune their search strategies

Search engines are increasingly displaying results tailored to searchers’ locations, driven by the growth of mobile devices and greater use of location data such as IP addresses explains Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics:

“For example, you’d find that a search for a term such as ‘Italian restaurant’ or ‘Accountant’ will produce different results in Minneapolis compared to Saint Paul. And searchers expect this kind of localization without having to enter the name of their town or city in the search query. We’ve extended the coverage of local data in our Searchmetrics Suite software to help marketers analyze differentiated results bv even more cities, making it easier to plan and monitor local search strategies.”

The localized data spans 50 cities across the United States (from Anchorage in Alaska to Honolulu in Hawaii) as well key cities in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Australia. With data available on multiple search engines in many cities, Searchmetrics now provides information from a total of 166 city/search engine combinations.

“Our global leadership in serving the SEO needs of internationally operating organizations dictates that we strive to continuously increase the accuracy, depth and breadth of search information. Searchmetrics is committed to being the world’s most complete provider of content optimizing SEO data and our expansion to new countries, cities and search engines further extends our lead over all other providers.” added Tom Schuster, Searchmetrics’ CEO.

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