Searchmetrics’ Increases Search Database by 150% And Adds Enhanced Features Including Fast, Efficient ROI Reporting

New Enhancements Include Comprehensive ROI Reporting In Under 60 Seconds And Easy Management Of Regular Content Management Insights

San Mateo – March 11, 2015 – Searchmetrics has today announced a 150% increase in the research database that underpins its software and gives digital marketers detailed insights to help optimize their search and content campaigns. The company has also made enhancements to is flaghship Searchmetrics Suite software including new Growth Reporting functionality that lets agencies and in-house SEO teams create an ROI dashboard highlighting all the key performance metrics for their campaigns in under a minute.

Additional updates to the Content Optimization section of the Searchmetrics Suite make it easier for content authors to organize their content strategies and generate real-time insights to optimize the search performance of their web pages. While a new software plug-in has been introduced to automatically deliver Searchmetrics’ content optimization insights directly into digital marketers’ own Content Management Systems.

Commenting on the massive growth of Searchmetrics’ core research database that has occurred over the last six months, Marcus Tober, the company’s CTO and founder explains: “With more than 600 million keywords and up to six years of historical data, we now offer the largest and most accurate competitive research repository for SEO and PPC based on many billions of dynamically calculated data points from the major search engines.“

“The size of the database really matters, because only with big data are you able to analyze whether landing pages are optimized in order to rank well in search engine results.  Google now has an even better understanding of what searchers are looking for and rewards pages that cover top topics holistically with high rankings. Digital marketers should no longer be focused on optimizing their pages for single keywords when they create content, but rather covering the topic holistically including related sub topics that searchers might be interested in,” adds Tober.

The Searchmetrics research database includes industry leading KPIs, such as the SEO Visibility Score which is a measure of how often a website appears and how highly it ranks in search results. These leading metrics, coupled with the largest database in the industry, help digital marketers analyze the impact on their business of the changes they make to their webpages as well as the changes search engines make to their algorithms,. The software allows them to identify trends to forecast growth in online revenue, avoid losses to traffic, benchmark against competitors, and capitalize on the full potential of the business opportunities available to them online.

The new Growth Reporting enhancements to the Searchmetrics Suite allow agencies and in-house SEO teams to spend up to 50% less time tying the impact of their search efforts to ROI – in one report. They can quickly and easily create a dashboard showing a single view of key campaign performance metrics that CMOs rely on, including traffic, conversions, market share and SEO visibility – with the ability to generate clear, fully customizable ROI charts and tables.  They can also easily analyze and compare performance for specific time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly) to track year-over-year improvements, as well as identify trends and variations due to seasonality.

“Our new Growth Reporting features help in-house search and content teams and agencies demonstrate to senior management how their campaigns are contributing to business success using clear performance metrics that really matter. They can generate these metrics efficiently and quickly, including creating charts and tables – meaning they are spending less time reporting and more time on activities that contribute to business success,” explains Tober.

The Content Optimization section of the Searchmetrics Suite helps digital content authors optimize the search performance of their web pages by providing real-time insights based on crawling content on hundreds of millions of websites that appear in search results. It identifies must-have topics, important keywords and insights based on competitor strategies to help authors optimize content for new or existing pages. Content Optimization has now been updated to allow authors to create their own comprehensive content dashboard with key insights to inform their content strategies. They can also manage frequent crawls to help monitor and analyze the performance of their content and continually generate fresh insights to ensure it stays well-optimized over time.

Finally, Searchmetrics has introduced the Content Composer, a new software plug-in which instantly allows content authors to view the Searchmetrics Content Optimization insights within their own Content Management System (CMS). Content Composer analyzes millions of websites for a given topic and provides real-time insights about what to write as the authors are creating content – without having to navigate multiple screens. Content Composer works out of the box with Adobe Experience Manager and Searchmetrics can do a custom integration for other Content Management Systems.