Digital marketing agency SEEN Digital signs up to Searchmetrics search analytics service

Agency says search analytics data provides an edge when pitching for new clients.

London, UK 12 July 2011: Digital marketing agency, SEEN Digital, is the latest UK agency to sign up to Searchmetrics’ online search analytics service which the agency feels will give it an advantage when recruiting new clients.

“The Searchmetrics service has some really useful features such as ‘quick analysis’ – which can give us immediate insights we can show prospective clients about their search performance and ways to develop it. Most new clients also want to see that you have invested in good tracking and measurement facilities like this,” said Charlie Harris, Client Services Director at SEEN Digital, which delivers a range of digital marketing solutions including SEO, Banner Ads and Social Media.

The Searchmetrics service, which provides data to help maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns, also provides valuable competitive intelligence and reporting functionality according to the SEEN Digital team: “It very easily lets us gather SEO data about clients’ competitors’, including keyword strategies, links and search performance. And it provides detailed reporting features to let us easily present information to clients using charts and graphs – this is really important as it lets us show them the difference our campaigns are making,” said Harris.

Searchmetrics is an on-line subscription service that automates many aspects of SEO analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers. It provides search performance data and analysis relating to multiple domains to allow campaign planning and measurement. “We’ve used and evaluated plenty of other tools, but Searchmetrics stood out because it’s able to pack all the features and functionality we need into one product – it helps save time and effort and allows us to focus our attention on campaign strategy and creative rather than admin tasks such as data collection and measurement,” added Harris.

Searchmetrics is designed to bring into one place the wide variety of tools that search marketers rely on. As well as retaining a cumulative history of how a brand’s web sites rank for its chosen keywords over time, it includes features for analysing back-links, technical site structure (including tracking elements such as site speed that affect SEO performance), keywords and on-page keyword density. The company recently expanded its international coverage to enable international SEO campaign tracking across 29 countries and 90 search engines worldwide. It also integrates with other leading marketing and analytics tools including Adobe SearchCentre+.


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