Searchmetrics expands with first Belgian partner, Sherlock SEO Agency

Berlin, July 3, 2017 – Searchmetrics, a global leader in enterprise SEO and online content development, announced today that Sherlock SEO Agency, a consulting firm from Belgium, has joined the Searchmetrics Partner Program as a Ruby Partner.

Sherlock SEO Agency was looking for a holistic and integrated way of helping their clients. Searchmetrics’ innovative software platform fulfills this requirement, enabling the agency to monitor international markets and competition, get insightful reporting for all stakeholders and most importantly: make better marketing decisions that are backed by data. As a member of the Searchmetrics partner program, the agency will also benefit from various advantages:

  • Improved customer satisfaction through the best possible qualification and certification under exclusive conditions in the Searchmetrics Academy
  • Exchange best practices amongst experts within the partner network
  • Expand existing customer relationships and acquire new clients through joint marketing activities


Through the completion of various certifications, the new agency partner Sherlock SEO now has basic skills in working with the features of the Searchmetrics Suite, more in-depth knowledge of strategic customer support in the project area of the software, and pitching skills to make better use of Searchmetrics for potential customers.


Jef Van Gool, SEO Specialist and Owner at Sherlock SEO Agency

“To partner with Searchmetrics was definitely the right step for us. The partner support is awesome and the decision to put all our clients into Searchmetrics really optimized our workflows, helping us and our clients to grow faster.”

Jef Van Gool, SEO Specialist and Owner at Sherlock SEO Agency

The Antwerp-based consulting firm that assists companies in analyzing, improving or developing an online marketing strategy has already recorded new business wins thanks to Searchmetrics. The software is helping them to improve coordination between staff and make internal and external cooperation faster.

Furthermore, as holistic content creation is the most important aspect of SEO from the perspective of Sherlock SEO Agency, the support provided by Searchmetrics now allows them to optimize their clients’ content taking into account user intentions. “Searchmetrics makes our work a whole lot easier and we are excited to work together as a partner from now on,” states Jef Van Gool.

Dagny Koch, Searchmetrics

“We are happy to welcome our new Belgian partner, who shares our vision of a holistic content approach, and we are looking forward to reaching our complementary goals with Sherlock SEO Agency.”

Dagny Koch, VP Partner Development, Searchmetrics.

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