New Ruby Partner Storm Digital stays ahead of the competition with reliable Searchmetrics data

Berlin, October 19, 2017 – Searchmetrics welcomes Storm Digital from the Netherlands as a new Ruby Partner in the Searchmetrics partner program. The Dutch growth marketing agency was particularly motivated to sign up to the program by the Searchmetrics attitude to always staying ahead of industry developments and by the reliable information the software company from Berlin offers. Furthermore, as a Searchmetrics partner, Storm Digital can benefit from the following exclusive advantages:

  • Improved customer satisfaction through the best possible qualification and certification under exclusive conditions in the Searchmetrics Academy
  • Exchange best practices among experts within the partner network
  • Expand existing customer relationships and acquire new customers through joint marketing activities


Storm Digital, with offices in Groningen and Amsterdam, works across all digital areas. They help organizations to grow their business rapidly and sustainably based on their mission to accelerate growth in a digital era. The agency believes in collecting and analyzing data and has always been committed to staying ahead of new developments – this is where they found a perfect partner in Searchmetrics, which is always driving innovation in the fields of search and content.

Sander Verkaik, SEO Consultant, Storm Digital

“We have been working with Searchmetrics since 2013 and it has really improved the way we work with data. We are able to demonstrate to our clients more clearly what SEO does and how it can affect everything. Now, as a partner, we are gaining even more insights, which are helping us to improve continuously.”

Sander Verkaik, SEO Consultant, Storm Digital

Through the completion of various certifications, the new agency partner Storm Digital now has basic skills in working with the features of the Searchmetrics Suite, more in-depth knowledge of strategic customer support in the project area of the software, and pitching skills to make better use of Searchmetrics for potential customers.

For Storm Digital, it is especially important to keep an organized approach regarding search and content. Here, Searchmetrics helps them to structure the content in a clear manner, enables them to monitor the results and focus on the next steps. Also, since using Searchmetrics, the agency receives insights about their own performance and that of competitors.

Another useful support for the daily work of Storm Digital is the Searchmetrics Visibility Guard, which helps them to protect their high-value pages against performance losses due to unforeseen technical errors. Thanks to the fully automatic alert system, the agency can proactively spot performance-eroding page errors before search engines do, then correct them before their critical mistakes damage online presence and negatively affect revenue.

But the main benefit for Storm Digital in the partnership with Searchmetrics is: “We want to take our decisions based on information we can trust and which is reliable – and this is something we get with Searchmetrics,” concludes Sander Verkaik.

Dagny Koch, Searchmetrics

“It is very important for us that our partners and clients can rely on our data and it is great to hear that our new partner Storm Digital derives business decisions based on our immense historical database, with over 250 billion pieces of information.”

Dagny Koch, VP Partner Development, Searchmetrics