Suite: Tasks & Reports

New reporting and intelligent task management features allow savings in time and money

SMX West, San Jose, CA – March 13, 2013: Searchmetrics, the leader in search and social analytics software, has today introduced new reporting and task management features to its Searchmetrics Suite software, to drive savings in time and money for customers.

The new reporting functionality streamlines the time and effort required to produce the status reports and key metrics that online marketers, SEO experts and top management need to track the performance of their campaigns – an essential component of their daily work.

It is now possible for the first time for customers to duplicate an existing report and save it under a new domain or search engine. The relevant data for the report can easily be filtered and compiled – fully tailored to the individual needs of the target recipient (marketing experts or the Chief Financial Officer, for example).

“As different target recipients within a company often need different overviews and metrics¹, reporting can be a time consuming exercise. This new functionality can potentially enable significant time and cost savings,” explains Tom Schuster, CEO of Searchmetrics.

Greater customization is also possible within the reports, for example through extended layout options and allowing customers to insert their own logos and branding.

The new intelligent task management functionality within the Searchmetrics Suite simplifies the challenges related to tracking projects, activities and processes. Users can easily delegate their tasks to other team members, optimally sort their projects by customer and also better control the tasks and processes of several users and teams who may be working through sub-licenses.

”Our customers want simple, intuitive software that offers them real added value. This includes – besides a high level of performance and extensive data and content – streamlined and customizable user working structures,” said Tom Schuster. “In terms of content, we already provide our customers with a wide range of data in different combinations and we obviously want to offer this high service quality in all other areas. Revising the reporting and task management – an important matrix for any software – was therefore a logical step for us.”

Searchmetrics’ customer-oriented business philosophy and also its flexibility in responding quickly to customers’ needs and offer flexible solutions are an important part of its recipe for success.

The former start-up founded by Marcus Tober has long since become an industry leader, whose focus is becoming increasingly global. Half of its customers are international with around 40,000 paying customers and more than 120 partners belong to Searchmetrics’ worldwide network.

Searchmetrics maintains offices in Berlin, London, Paris and New York. The sale of licenses for Searchmetrics’ software alone produced 120 per cent growth for the software expert year. However, the most popular product among its customers is Searchmetrics Suitewith the sale of user licenses increasing by 200 per cent in 2012.

“We always keep an eye on the latest events on the market and in the industry and can therefore quickly determine what our customers need in order to remain competitive. This is what we understand by customer service, and it’s the reason we’re successful,” explains Tom Schuster.


¹What Searchmetrics reporting metrics are most popular?

Analysis of Searchmetrics Suite customers has shown that different people within a business require different reporting metrics. The SEO visibility score over time represented in a graph is one of the most popular reporting elements. The second most used element is the SEO visibility score itself – used for performance measurement and control of SEO activities, while third is the table which provides Keyword rankings for a domain. The following Infographic illustrates the results from this analysis:

Searchmetrics Suite Dashboards 25 Most Used Elements