Searchmetrics Deminar:
Buyer’s Journey Triage: How To Use Data To Map The Needs Of Your Buyers

When: July 25, 2018, 11am PST | 2pm EST

The buyer’s journey is a framework that recognizes a prospect’s progression from problem awareness to purchase. The best content marketing organizations understand this journey and use SEO data as their guide to meet buyer needs.

Join Searchmetrics as Tyson Stockton, Director of Enterprise Services and Marlon Glover, Content Services Team Lead, show us a data-driven approach to mapping your buyer’s journey.

In this live event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage SEO data to define and map your buyer’s journey
  • Identify content gaps for critical stages of the journey
  • Find opportunities to create effective, relevant, high performing content


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Our speakers:

Tyson Stockton, Director of Enterprise Services

Tyson Stockton, Director of Enterprise Services

Tyson has over 10 years’ experience in the digital marketing industry. Prior to joining Searchmetrics, Tyson worked on the in-house side of the industry, managing the SEO and SEM efforts of 14 sports specialty eCommerce sites in the US, Europe and Australia. Over the last 3 years at Searchmetrics, Tyson has supported some of the world’s largest enterprise websites, including Fortune 500 and global eCommerce leaders. As Director of Enterprise Services, Tyson manages the Enterprise Client Success team, and SEO Consultants at Searchmetrics.

Marlon Glover, Content Services Team Lead

Marlon Glover, Content Services Team Lead

Marlon decided a decade and a half ago to pursue a career in the science and psychology of buying decisions. That decision evolved into a career purposefully owning marketing and sales responsibilities. At CEB, now Gartner, Marlon co-developed the marketing function for their Sales and Marketing Solutions Practice. During the development of the program he led global awareness, lead generation, and nurturing for “The Challenger Sale” book and implementation at F500 and Global 1000 organizations. Prior to joining Searchmetrics, Marlon was the Senior Director of Account Management at one of North America’s largest content marketing firms, developing and leading content marketing strategies for leading US brands.