Implications of Google’s newest update BERT for your content marketing

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Recording of Friday, 22/11/2019

The new Google Update “BERT” is according to Google “one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search” and the most important one in the last five years. Its impact is huge and affects the whole process of content research, content creation and content distribution. Now marketers have to focus even more on user-centered content. That is why it is absolutely necessary to analyze users’ needs comprehensively and to produce relevant, compelling texts. Only the one who follows this new routine of BERT will succeed and appear on the first positions of search engine rankings.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the new Google update BERT affects your daily content marketing and SEO routines and how your understanding of relevance has to change.
  • How to identify relevant and trending topics as well as keywords which fit into your content marketing strategy.
  • How to write and enrich texts that fit BERT’s demand for relevance, holism and user centricity.


Our team of experts for this webinar:


Jan Pötzscher
CMO I Head of Account Management at semcona


Marcus Pentzek
Chief SEO Consultant at Searchmetrics