A Simple Intro to SEO – Part 1:
How to be found on the internet

Welcome to Searchmetrics’ two-part webinar series offering

“A simple introduction to search engine optimization”

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Recording of Wednesday, 20/11/2019


The perfect webinar for all SEO beginners

How exactly does a website get found on the internet? Have you ever wondered why some websites can be found on Google with many search queries and why you have to search for some other websites with extremely specific terms? Then this webinar is right for you. Marten Lazarus and Troy Bignell will use simple examples to explain how Google rankings are created and which effects search engine optimization (SEO) can have.

After this webinar:

  • You will understand the process behind how search engines compile ranking positions.
  • You will be able to characterize the basic areas of search engine optimization.
  • You will understand optimization measures based on simple examples.


Our team of experts for this webinar:


Marten Lazarus
Team Lead Client Success Management UK


Troy Bignell
Account Executive



This is the first part of our two-part webinar series
“A simple introduction to search engine optimization”.

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