Office Products Industry
SEO Benchmarks

Learn how your SEO results compare with your competitors. We analyzed the performance of top consumer office products websites and created benchmarks for the entire industry.

Organic Web Traffic for the Office Products Industry

chart showing change in organic traffic for the office products industry

Quarterly change in traffic

  • Percentage change in organic traffic quarter by quarter.
  • Based on keyword rankings, search volume, and average click rates.
  • Graph shows quarter-by-quarter change and total change.

ROI of SEO for the Office Products Industry

chart showing the ROI of SEO for the office products industry

Traffic compared to cost of paid search

  • Estimate of cost to achieve similar traffic from paid search.
  • Online purchases from organic search not included.
  • Baseline ROI for organic search.

Organic Market Share for the Office Products Industry

chart showing the organic market share of the the office products industry

Top 20 companies in organic rankings

  • Estimated share of organic rankings for office products keywords.
  • Chart represents each company’s share of visibility in search engines.
  • Market share as of Dec 30, 2022.

How We Created These Benchmarks

We analyzed top websites in the consumer office products industry using the Searchmetrics Suite. Outliers were removed. We looked at organic traffic, baseline organic ROI, & organic market share.

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