Searchmetrics Agency Partner Program

We help you grow your business

Our Partner Program is for all agencies working with Searchmetrics
and striving to expand their search and content marketing practice.

Why should you become a partner?

1. We help you to win new business
2. We help you to increase client satisfaction


How we achieve our mutual goals:

Within the partner program we offer a wide range of exceptional partner services which enable you to overtake your competitors and win new business. As our partner you will be able to choose from numerous Partner Professional Services and Partner Marketing Services.

Discover agencies like yours who have found success with the partner services:

Case Studies of Partner Professional Services

Our experts will provide you with fast and powerful analyses and data insights to prepare you for a strategic pitch or ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

Pitch Assist

Searchmetrics Partner Case Study: Pitch Assist

Data Insights

Searchmetrics Partner Case Study: Data Insights

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Case Studies of Partner Marketing Services

Our marketing team will support your marketing activities and provide you with valuable leads.

Joint Events

Searchmetrics Partner Case Study: Joint Events

Joint Papers

Searchmetrics Partner Program: Joint Papers

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Partner Levels

Success through mutual commitment



The ground-principle of the new partner program is: if you commit, we commit. Therefore, Searchmetrics decided to have four different partner levels which correlate with business performance, as well as knowledge around the Searchmetrics platform. We will support you to obtain an exclusive knowledge around the suite in our Searchmetrics Academy. Based on our mutual goal to grow we help you actively to expand your business and to deepen your SEO expertise, which in turn will lead to an upgrade of your partner level and will strength our partnership.

Searchmetrics Partnerprogram