About Artefact

We’re a next-generation data services provider, specialised in data consulting and data-driven digital marketing, dedicated to transforming data into business impact and tangible results across the entire value chain of organisations. Artefact’s skyrocketing growth is fuelled by our three visionary and entrepreneurial founders, who see the future of data as a catalyst for good, for both humankind and business.

Artefact offers a comprehensive range of data-driven solutions designed to meet today’s clients’ specific needs, delivered via a business-centric approach that is built upon deep AI expertise. We are a connected independent global network, with a footprint in 25 offices across 18 countries, and we partner with 1000+ ambitious clients around the globe.

Our 1000 employees are focused on accelerating digital transformation thanks to a unique mix of company assets: cutting-edge AI technologies, agile methodologies for fast delivery and efficient scalability, and teams of market-leading experts in data science and digital marketing, always working together and focusing on business innovation.