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TIE Kinetix Searchmetrics Partner, Germany

Searchmetrics SAPPHIRE Authorized Partner

The digital creative and technical service provider TIE Kinetix GmbH monitors and analyses the online business performance of its customers in all respects from all relevant angles. Thanks to extensive experience in customer projects and renowned specialist expertise, TIE Kinetix GmbH always places the user at the focal point in analyses, layouts and online technologies. The daily goal of proactive consultation is to provide a modern user experience in OneWeb (in Web Performance and Search Experience, among other aspects) – both technologically and creatively. Moreover, TIE Kinetix GmbH operates successful Managed Hosting solutions, develops stable state-of-the-art (high load) web portals, and is an expert contact in enterprise/commerce search and technology-driven user experience.

TIE Kinetix GmbH is part of the publically traded international TIE Kinetix family, which is distinguished first and foremost by expertise and experience in integrated e-commerce solutions and is a pioneer in the field of content syndication (in the US). TIE Kinetix solutions follow the strict standard of fostering the digital exchange of information along the entire supply chain through consultation, optimization and tailored technologies at low cost and effort.


Contact:  Julia Pearce, Director Sales
Phone:    +49-89-990164-129
E-Mail:     sales-dach@tiekinetix.com
Website:  www.tiekinetix.com


Neumarkter Str. 61
81673 München