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Viaduct Generation (VG) a mission-focused SEO consultancy amplifying the voices of Black, POC, and social impact businesses. On a mission to diversify digital spaces by providing cost-effective access and SEO consultancy to SMEs and high-growth start-ups. VG are driven by the long-term vision of Black and communities of colour building and maintaining generational wealth. Officially born in COVID-19, they were created from the fires of social unrest and are animated with the spirit of equity and positive change. ⁣ As a group of young, creative entrepreneurs, with experience working for the likes of Google, IBM, Searchmetrics and MediaCom they are passionate about helping marketing team develop more agency over their SEO . Viaduct Generation operates globally and specialises in the following sectors: FinTech, Training, Sustainability, and Education.


  • SEO consultancy
  • SEO training
  • Local SEO
  • PPC