Press Release: Marcus Tober takes new company role to help drive SEO innovation
press release

Searchmetrics founder Marcus Tober takes new company role to help drive SEO innovation

Marcus Tober becomes Chief Evangelist for search and content optimization leader while also continuing work on external ventures.
Nadja Schiller
by Nadja Schiller

Berlin / San Mateo February 3, 2021 – Searchmetrics, which provides software and services for search and content optimization, today announced that founder Marcus Tober will, with immediate effect, take up the position of Founder and Chief Evangelist with the company.

Marcus founded Searchmetrics in 2005 and was in the vanguard of creating SEO as a marketing discipline. As SEO becomes increasingly important to marketers and a much more significant part of the marketing mix and as Searchmetrics continues to grow to meet that need, Marcus’s new role brings together external and internal activities to facilitate both industry and company growth.

Marcus, with his deep SEO knowledge and experience, will lead Searchmetrics’ external push to explain the value that SEO can deliver and how it needs to develop in the future. Internally, he will play a cross-departmental strategic role advocating for the needs of SEO. He will also consult with the development and product teams to help drive innovation in Searchmetrics’ product suite as it evolves to meet the future needs of customers within the rapidly evolving search landscape. Matt Colebourne, Searchmetrics CEO, commented,

In 2020, Searchmetrics achieved sales and revenue growth, launched a new product, Searchmetrics Insights, and hired Konstantinos Dolkas as CTO to deliver our new product roadmap. With the shift to digital during the pandemic, even more companies recognize that search, content and data-driven marketing are an essential part of their marketing mix and not something they can just leave to a few specialists. With this exciting growth of both our company and the market, I’m delighted that Marcus, with his breadth of experience and insights, will be taking such a vital role in our future.
Matthew Colebourne
Matt Colebourne

CEO, Searchmetrics

When I founded Searchmetrics in 2005, things looked very different but, at the same time, I still feel that SEO has quite a long way to go. Comparing the effort that businesses put into other digital marketing channels with what they commit to SEO, there’s still a large disparity. For example, companies spend multi-millions on paid search but barely consider SEO. I’ve long been an advocate for SEO, of course, but I see now an opportunity to really increase its’ importance and for Searchmetrics to lead the charge to grow the discipline.
Marcus Tober
Marcus Tober

Founder and Chief Evangelist

Alongside his new role at Searchmetrics Marcus will also spend time on external projects, details of which will be announced separately.