Searchmetrics expands US presence with the opening of a new Chicago office
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Searchmetrics expands US presence with the opening of a new Chicago office

Newly promoted CMO, Lillian Haase, moves from Europe to Searchmetrics’ new Chicago office to oversee global marketing.
Nadja Schiller
by Nadja Schiller

Berlin / San Mateo, September 1st, 2021 – Searchmetrics, a provider of software and services for search and content optimization, is expanding its US presence with the opening of a new office in Chicago. The Berlin headquartered company, which helps brands and agencies achieve digital marketing success via the search data and insights delivered through its global data platform and by providing consultancy services, already has US offices in San Mateo and New York.

The new Chicago office will be a central business hub for Searchmetrics, initially for the sales and marketing teams. And Searchmetrics’ newly promoted CMO, Lillian Haase, is moving from Europe to Chicago, bringing her marketing experience to the US part of the organization. The move is designed to give Lillian greater insights into the US market and to allow her to act as an important bridge for the transfer of knowledge between the regions.

Chicago has a thriving business landscape, boasting many digital marketing agencies as well as many existing Searchmetrics’ customers. These factors, coupled with the fact that the city is well situated for travel to other parts of the country and internationally, makes it a perfect location for us to expand on our US presence.
Matthew Colebourne
Matt Colebourne

CEO, Searchmetrics

Matt said further: “And Lillian Haase taking over the reins in her new role from the Chicago office will place her in a strong position to use her expertise on our US and our global marketing strategy.”

Lillian, a marketer with 13 years’ digital marketing experience, was previously Searchmetrics’ Marketing Director for EMEA before being promoted to SVP Global Marketing, helping to drive greater success in the marketing function and contributing to company growth by improving systems and teamwork within the organization. In her new role as CMO, Lillian’s focus will include supporting the company’s ambitious growth targets by ensuring the global marketing operation is efficient and nimble in order to succeed in the rapidly evolving digital marketing arena. She will continue to further unify the global marketing teams while maintaining a local emphasis and working to strengthen Searchmetrics’ position as an established world leading search, content and data platform company with a global presence.

Moving to Chicago will give me an even better understanding of the US market, to the benefit of our marketing both in the US and globally. I firmly believe that a small marketing team can be global and regional simultaneously with the right processes in place and that’s what we’ll be developing.
Lillian Haase
Lillian Haase

CMO, Searchmetrics

Lillian explained further: “This is a particularly exciting time for me take on the CMO role at Searchmetrics. People are spending more time online since the pandemic, both to shop and for their leisure and entertainment, so it’s more important than ever that marketers are doing all they can to get their digital marketing right. And the search data and insights we provide can deliver important clues. What are your customers searching for online and what questions do they ask? What kinds of content are most likely to satisfy their needs? And if you are a marketer, how can you make your brand more visible in relevant searches?”

Having worked in marketing since 2008, Lillian has gained experience in a variety of industries and businesses. Her start in digital marketing began as an affiliate marketer, before becoming a digital marketing consultant as business owners began to discover that she was able to ‘help them get found on the internet’. She progressed to becoming an SEO Account Manager in two Digital Marketing agencies followed by working as Team Lead in an international PR agency, then Head of Marketing for a private University.