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Searchmetrics appoints new Chief Operating Officer, Britta Mühlenberg
New Searchmetrics' COO will be focused on driving sustained growth to the benefit of customers, investors and employees
06 Mar 2019
Searchmetrics announces strong new global leadership team
Wikipedia and YouTube Dominate Search Results Globally, a New Study Finds
Wikipedia retains its crown as the most visible website in Google search results globally based on its performance in organic search in ten countries, including the United States, UK, Germany and France.
28 Feb 2019
SEO World Rankings 2020
Searchmetrics founder Marcus Tober moves to new leadership position
Searchmetrics’ CTO will become the new Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of the Searchmetrics Market Innovation Lab as of January 2019.
06 Dec 2018
Searchmetrics announces strong new global leadership team
New Searchmetrics study: Google now wants brands to get niche-specific
Google ranking factors study highlights big variations in search strategies for different niches − from ‘weight loss’ to ‘furniture’ and ‘financial planning’.
17 Oct 2018
Searchmetrics Study: Niche Ranking Factors
Trump in search engines and social networks: How neutral are the results that Google and others display?
How neutral are the results that Google and others display?
04 Oct 2018
Trump in search engines and social networks
BrightEdge, Searchmetrics GmbH and its US subsidiary settle all legal claims between them
BrightEdge Technologies, Inc., Searchmetrics GmbH, and Searchmetrics, Inc. dismissed all legal claims between them as a result of a settlement.
23 Jul 2018
Searchmetrics announces strong new global leadership team
New Searchmetrics study: Faster web pages already rank higher in mobile searches – even before Google’s “Speed Update”
…And fast-loading AMP results now appear in over half of ecommerce, travel and finance related searches
28 Jun 2018
Searchmetrics Study: Mobile Speed in 2018
Searchmetrics Creates Digital Strategies Group
The Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group offers data and consulting services to brands and agency partners seeking consistent revenue gains from earned media
14 Jun 2018
Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group: We are obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of online performance.
New Searchmetrics Study: How Mobile Marketers Can Win on Google Page One with Universal Search
Fewer traditional links on page 1 means mobile marketers must target Google’s universal search boxes including videos & direct answers.
20 Mar 2018
Universal Search 2018: A Searchmetrics Whitepaper
Learn the latest Search and Content Marketing Secrets from Top Brands and Influencers at the Searchmetrics Summit 2018, London
Top digital marketing influencers, including speakers from Barclays, Trainline, TSB Bank and a number of leading agencies, will come together to share their successful search and content marketing strategies at the Searchmetrics Summit 2018.
14 Mar 2018
Searchmetrics Events: Summit London 2018 11
Searchmetrics Study: Online Health Sites Are Long-Winded – And Searchers Couldn’t Be Happier
New Industry-Specific Google Ranking Factors Research Finds Health Industry Bucks Trend of Less is More for Increasing Visibility Online.
15 Nov 2017
Searchmetrics Study: Health Ranking Factors
Searchmetrics Study: Did Google Shopping Really Gain an Unfair Advantage over its Competitors in the EU?
Analysis of search data shows Google Shopping gained 300% visibility in recent years even as competitor visibility declined. EU’s case may not be clear-cut
28 Sep 2017
Searchmetrics Google Shopping Study 2019