Searchmetrics Content Experience Product Update:

With the latest update, all Content Experience users can now create custom dashboards with Research Cloud elements to easily customize their reporting for different audiences.


Dashboards: Display the data that matters most to you

Goodbye, searching. Hello, quick insights.

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Key Benefits:

  • Stop searching for your favourite modules, simply add them to your custom dashboard to only see what you want to see.
  • Save time by quickly looking at your dashboard to know everything you need to know about your rankings, SERP features or your competitors.
  • Create reports for different audiences with the help of dashboards. Whether you want to demonstrate ROI data to executives or create inspiring dashboards for your content teams, Searchmetrics makes it easy to maximize report reusability and efficiency.


PS: The dashboards are now available to all Content Experience and Searchmetrics Suite Early Access users. By the way, we are continuously working on further improving your dashboard experience, so stay tuned!

Searchmetrics Content Experience: Dashboards EN

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