Searchmetrics Content Experience:
Now available in Spanish

¿Qué tal? – The Content Experience now speaks Spanish!

From now on, you can use the Content Experience to cover the entire briefing process for our Spanish-speaking countries, from detailed topic research to content creation.

Searchmetrics Content Experience

In addition to English, French and German now also available for Spanish Content

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Key Benefits:

  • Speak the language of your target group, by tailoring your content marketing to your market. Ensuring that your content matches the search intent of your specific users.
  • Think big – grow smart, by rolling out your content globally serving 5 countries being the home of the world’s second most widely spoken language. Therefore, you establish your content for each country in the right language and grow strategically.
  • Special wishes? No problem! Operate two different languages in one country with your content – e.g. Spanish and English. Thus, you leverage your entire potential in the given market.


Searchmetrics Content Experience - Languages - ES

With the integration of the Spanish language in our Content Experience, we now map some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. This enables companies to control their content both globally and more specifically for their target groups.

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