Searchmetrics Product Updates: Enhancing the Marketer Experience.

At Searchmetrics, we aim to make everything that marketers do as easy and transparent as possible. We are proud to announce that we have added some powerful improvements to our Content Experience Platform to help you unlock the full potential of your content marketing department. Plan and manage your content marketing better while delivering results faster on a global scale.

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Content Score: Fast, detailed insights to improve your content

The refined Content Score now has four components to guide your content development and optimization. We use machine learning to train our language processing algorithms to calculate scores for elements like repetitive content and sentence structure.

Key Benefits:

  • Get clear guidance on how to improve the quality of your content.
  • Compare your content length to your top competitors’.
  • Check your content follows grammatical rules in a variety of languages, like English, French and German.
  • Ensure your content is engaging for your readers and not repetitive.

Searchmetrics Content Score

The new Content Score will provide more detailed insights when creating or optimizing your copy.

Keyword Clustering: Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees.

We know successful content marketing involves a lot of planning. That’s why we have optimized our keyword research from the ground up to simplify your work. From improved similar keywords and great filtering and sorting options to automatic clustering of keywords, Searchmetrics streamlines every step of your keyword research process, supporting your team to deliver better content faster.

Searchmetrics Product Updates: Keyword Clustering

Key Benefits:

  • Better organize and make sense of keywords by analyzing overall clusters.
  • Improve your content strategy by discovering topic gaps.
  • Discover trends and subtopics at a glance.

Automatic Keyword Clustering allows you to accelerate your keyword research and discover gaps in your SEO and content marketing strategies by giving you a birds-eye view of the keyword landscape.

Brief Labels: Structure content campaigns the way you want

We have introduced the labels for briefs, so you can better coordinate your content marketing activities based on your preferences – create a structure that works for you, whether it be for campaigns, content types, specific personas or sales funnel stages.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortlessly find and filter content briefs.
  • Increase efficiency by aligning your content briefs to your marketing campaigns.
  • Plan future content efforts by easily finding gaps in your content pipeline.

Searchmetrics: Brief Labels

The improved brief management capabilities will give you more insight when planning, structuring and monitoring your global content marketing activities.

Content Experience API: Deliver agile content development at scale

Our powerful GraphQL API puts deep learning insights in the hands of marketers and writers, allowing them to scale up their creation of stories that rank.

Searchmetrics Prodcut Updates: API

Key Benefits:

  • Plug into our data-driven topic research: Explore the search volume, user intent, seasonality, competitiveness and sales funnel stage of any topic you can think of.
  • Discover the secret ingredients that make your content succcessful – see which topics you should cover and integrate the Searchmetrics Content Score directly into any Content Management System.
  • Measure your team’s activities and your content’s performance within a single content hub.
  • Full flexibility: With the GraphQL API you can request the exact data you need.

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