Searchmetrics Suite 6: 2nd Update!

Today is the second big release day for Searchmetrics Suite 6 and, as promised, we have even more exciting updates and features for you! This time we have raised the bar even further in the areas of rankings. Take a look at just some of the updates below:


1. Ranking tables: tables now display crawl and update dates, so you always know when data was collected.

2. Tag Filter: with the new filter, keywords will be enclosed in brackets when they share a chosen tag. This lets you maintain a constant overview of keywords and their corresponding tags.

3. Subdomain analysis: effective immediately, you can now analyze subdomains as well as domains in detail.

4. Keyword Rankings: the Keyword Rankings Overview includes a chart with the ability to compare up to 9 search engines and benchmarks against each other.

Keyword Comparison

5. Competitor Analysis: the Coverage Graph has been renamed and can now be found as the Organic Competitor Graph. The chart axes have also been overhauled: the X-axis now indicates market keywords as a % result and the Y-axis indicates Project SEO Visibility. The size of bubbles indicates project SEO visibility.
Searchmetrics Suite Organic Competitor

6. Potential: On the Keyword and Tag Potential pages, the chart axes have also been adjusted. The X-axis now represents the Traffic Index Potential and the Y-axis represents the Traffic Index. The size of the bubble indicates the Delta Potential (difference between Traffic Index Potential and Traffic Index). You can also find the Delta Potential as a new column in the table. It indicates how much could be achieved in the Traffic Index if keyword/tag potential were fully utilized.

7. SEO Rank: SEO Rank with historical data now available for your project domain.

Additional Features:

1. Tables: extremely large tables can sometimes take a while to load, so we decided to do something about this. The redesigned Searchmetrics Suite now loads the top rows of tables first with rest loading as you read, saving you time.

2. Reports: beginning immediately, you can subscribe to reports via email. When (on which day) and how often (daily, weekly, monthly) reports are sent can be decided just as easily as the recipient, regardless of user account status.

One other piece of news regarding Searchmetrics Suite: we have removed Delicious since it no longer plays a particularly large or strong role in comparison to other social networks.

We hope you like our latest additions and that they continue to help support and improve your analysis and optimization endeavors. Why not give Searchmetrics Suite 6 a try and let us know?

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