Another Searchmetrics Suite 6 update – Traffic section!

It’s here! Today we are happy to present the new Traffic section for Searchmetrics Suite 6. The following features are available immediately for you to try:


1. Adobe SiteCatalyst Integration: in Searchmetrics Suite’s new Traffic area you can now combine link ranking data with your web analytics data with Adobe SiteCatalyst integration. This means that you can now evaluate SEO measures directly and greatly improve the efficiency of your marketing and sales campaigns. Besides enabling the Searchmetrics Traffic features, integration also lets you perform the next item in our list.

2. Project Traffic: with web analytics integration, you can now perform historical traffic analysis for any project domain. This includes figures for total traffic, traffic distribution (SEO, PPC, social) as well as project specific SEO traffic. To this end there is also a list of traffic generating keywords presented together with their current ranking data.

Searchmetrics Suite Project Traffic

3. All Traffic Keywords: Under All Traffic Keywords you can now asses exactly which keywords are bringing traffic to a project domain for the selected search engine. This list can help you to identify keywords that attract especially large numbers of visitors.

4. Keyword Traffic Potential: Keyword Traffic Potential can help you to discover any low-hanging SEO fruit. To do this, Searchmetrics Suite identifies keywords that already attract traffic but still have a high level potential for improvement.

Searchmetrics Suite Keyword Traffic Potential EN

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