More exiting updates for Searchmetrics Suite, including Keyword Optimization!

It’s October and we’re still working to bring new updates to Searchmetrics Suite. Besides further usability tweaks we have created the following features that are now available online in Searchmetrics Suite.


General: When you create a new project, all keywords already in the Essentials weekly data will be displayed with their historical data for the previous six months.

SERP Spread: SERP Spread is now called Position Spread (Essentials and Project). Keyword positions are now shown instead of the page breakdown by search engine, and positions for the top 10 results are now given in even more detail. Categorization is presented as follows:

Pos 1-3
Pos 4-6
Pos 7-10
Pos 11-20
Pos 21-30
Pos 31-40
Pos 41+


Keyword Optimization Detail: On the Keyword Optimization Detail Page, the chart now includes rankings as well as errors, warnings and suggestions. This lets you more easily map the direct correlation between errors, warnings and suggestions.

Searchmetrics Suite Keyword Optimization Chart

Project Overview: We have also further optimized the usability of the Project Overview page. We now display direct links for each point to make the transition into deeper analysis even easier, with quick and easy access to additional details beyond your initial overview.

More about Keyeword Optimization

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