New Suite feature: Google Analytics Traffic Integration

The true SEO reach of a website is not shown in the SERPs, but in the traffic coming from search engines. Therefore, the connection of web analysis and search analysis is not only a nice-to-have; it really uncovers important data and to-do’s. In addition to the SiteCatalyst-to-Suite connection, now the all new Google Analytics connection is available in the Searchmetrics Suite as well as in Essentials Plus and Professional.

Our software can provide detailed information on the flow of visitors per analyzed keyword in addition to general traffic data. Now the charts and tables will show the real visitor traffic instead of the previously estimated figures. Graphics that show the real sources of traffic from SEO, PPC and Social are also very useful. They include a breakdown of brand and non-brand traffic, if you tagged your keywords accordingly. This is a key ratio for SEOs. Of course, every chart can be filtered and adjusted to your requirements ‒ even to daily basis and on the basis of keyword categories.

Potential Reports and SEO Value

If you had to pay for the same traffic from Google Adwords as the traffic that your SEO measures generate, what would it cost? A good question, if you want to evaluate the work of search engine optimization. Thanks to web analysis Searchmetrics can answer the question on SEO value correctly. Find out the traffic value that your keywords can potentially achieve – a very useful analysis to calculate the ROI of your activities.

Perhaps even more useful are the potential reports with which the secret SEO treasures are to be discovered. A proper visibility on position 12 with a difficult keyword is honorable ‒ but it poorly generates traffic. Searchmetrics software points out the exact keywords and tag areas in which a great deal of potential is hidden.
Below you find a quick guide on how to connect Google Analytics to your Suite or Essentials Plus and Professional account.

This is how you make the connection work:

In the project wizard at Web Analytics you choose which analytics provider you wish to link your account to.

Searchmetrics Suite Project Wizard Analytics


In the second step you can select whether Site Catalyst or Google Analytics:

Searchmetrics Suite Project Wizard Analytics


After you have selected Google Analytics, you need to authenticate your Google account and Searchmetrics will then request the required permissions:

Searchmetrics Suite Project Wizard Analytics


Finally you need to select your account, the web property and profile for the project to begin analyzing your traffic data:

Searchmetrics Suite Project Wizard Analytics

Once you have completed these steps, the Project Traffic area and Keyword Opportunities pages will be activated. In addition, your actual traffic data will now be integrated directly into the Keyword Traffic Potentials page.

Searchmetrics Suite Project Traffic

Go ahead and connect Searchmetrics Suite or Essentials Plus and Professional with Google Analytics right now.

We wish you great success with the evaluation of your traffic potentials!

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