Searchmetrics Suite Product Update: Keyword Filter, Java Script Crawling & Similar Keywords

Searchmetrics is always trying to help companies focus on what’s important based on real data and our latest set of features are no exception.

Keyword Filter: Filter by keyword in the Research Cloud

With our advanced filters, you can quickly filter your brand keywords, or see only questions, which enables you to focus on specific keyword types or results containing certain words/ phrases.

Key Benefits:

  • Save time by advanced filtering directly in the Research Cloud
  • Exclude or specify certain keywords to see only the rankings you want to focus on
  • Avoid additional Excel exports


Concentrate on the data that matters. All can now be filtered by words to focus on the data that is relevant to you.

JavaScript Crawling: The technology that fuels the future of dynamic websites and Progressive Web Apps

Every time a web page does more than just sit there and display static information for visitors to look at, JavaScript is involved. It enables dynamic changes to both the content and layout of websites.

Searchmetrtics Suite: Javascript Crawler

Key Benefits:

  • The Searchmetrics Suite can crawl JavaScript-based websites, including Angular and React
  • Improve website performance through prioritized list of technical issues now available with the integration of JavaScript Crawling into the Site Structure Optimization
  • Compare crawls with and without JavaScript Crawling


Crawl through the mud: Evaluate the health of your website. Analyze both the HTML and the JavaScript with the Site Structure Optimization including the JavaScript Crawler.

We tested our software against the most popular frameworks and managed to crawl all relevant JavaScript elements/pages which enables you to get the maximum out of your crawls.

Similar Keywords: Tremendous improvement in both the amount and quality

During research, you need good and reliable data. But sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes you also need a ton of data. Due to recent improvements to our Similar Keywords functionality, customers can now receive millions of keyword suggestions.

Key Benefits:

  • Fuel your SEO campaign with (up to 50x) more and much better data
  • Rely on state of the art Natural Language Processing to only receive relevant suggestions
  • Save time during keyword research


Keyword research just got a double shot. Similar keywords research now provides not only better data but also up to 50x more results. That means, significantly more and much improved relevant keyword suggestions.