SEO pays off – especially with the Searchmetrics Suite!

We will show you exactly why – and how – you can achieve even more with our new features in Searchmetrics Suite:

1. Forecasts
2. Conversion Integrations
3. SEO Market Share

Plus, find even more new features in the Backlink Page Crawling & Recrawl and Optimization areas.

Furthermore we did a little facelift of the KPIs, tables and charts to make everything more clear and structured.

Forecasts and preliminary planning for traffic and revenue trends

With the forecasts in Searchmetrics Suite, we offer you with Traffic Forecast and Conversion Value Forecast of the option to make predictions and simulations for traffic and revenue development. Thus, the value of SEO activities based on facts and figures can be traced. In the project area of the Suite target positions can now be calculated. Thus you can forecast the expected traffic in this position and compare it with your current traffic and your current position.You will then receive a delta showing you the gap between your current and forecast (target) positions. Moreover, using the conversion rate and transaction value, turnover predictions can also be determined.

Searchmetrics Suite Conversion Value Forecast

Conversion Integrations: Check your online performance and set the basis for optimizing your ROI!

Linking the traffic area of Searchmetrics Suite with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics enables the integration of any conversion data. Thus you can see profound insights into the performance of your online marketing campaigns and set the basis for optimizing your ROI.

What about your SEO Market Share?

This can easily be checked in the Searchmetrics Suite! The SEO Market Share with your project in your individual market is determined by the defined set of keywords and then displayed in the KPIs. Furthermore, we show you the market volume, which is composed of the overall visibility of the first 10 position results of your entire keyword set, and the top 10 domains in your market environment for SEO Market Share.

Searchmetrics Suite Market Share

Backlink Page Crawling & Recrawl

The Backlink section also includes innovations: the instant ability to add your own URLs to our backlink database, which will then be covered by our crawler within the next 24 hours *. This helps guarantee that you can constantly provide updated link reports with your new or updated links.

Searchmetrics Backlinks Add URL

* Our crawler follows the instructions given in robots.txt – this may mean that we are unable to crawl certain URLs.

In response to popular demand, we have further adapted the chart with new and deleted links, which also lets you view how many domains of new and deleted URLs are involved. Even if one day, you find you have lost many links, they may only originate from a very limited number of domains.

In the keywords optimization section, the error details menu option is included. This is already familiar from the Site Optimization section and also now available for keywords. Here, you can view keyword errors, in chronological order, and observe how their number declines over time.

Quite a number of innovations to support you in your daily work with the Suite and make work even easier for you. You can now go ahead and try out the latest features in the Searchmetrics Suite. As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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