Searchmetrics Summer Release – Mobile Rankings

For our Searchmetrics Summer Release, we have developed brand-new features to provide you with exclusive benefits. With “Mobile Rankings & Traffic” and “Outgoing Links” you are able to expand and optimize your analyses, develop new SEO strategies and we have expanded our research database to include Norway and Finland – giving you access to a total of 20 countries. In addition our usability optimization, ensures additional time savings in your day-to-day workflow, with the convenient keyword transfer or the practical quick search in the project menu.

Analyze Mobile Rankings & Traffic with the Suite!

Searchmetrics Suite Project Wizard Mobile

As the mobile Internet becomes more of a central role in the day to day lives of consumers, the design of online strategies for businesses provides digital marketers with new opportunities and market chances to reach consumers on any platform. In our current project area of Searchmetrics Suite, you will find precisely analyzed mobile rankings and traffic, which identify keywords, trends, positions and traffic data for mobile end devices.

Here, you can create specific “mobile search engines” in the Project Wizard and choose between smartphone and tablet or even specify your analysis on city level if desired. By doing this, you get a profound insight into your mobile rankings and are able to compare them with corresponding traffic to adapt your SEO measures to the market. This feature allows you to optimize your performance, develop your own mobile strategies and ensure your competitive edge in the mobile SEO sector!

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Searchmetrics Suite Outgoing Links

Where are your outgoing links leading to?

Not only are backlinks important in an SEO Analysis, but they alsoprovide significant information aboutuntapped potentialandhazards businesses need to be aware of.This feature allows you to closely monitor the outgoing links of any domain, subdomain or URLs. Find potential link partners without having to crawl their website or localize spam sources reliably and identify domains in a “bad neighborhood”.

The Searchmetrics backlink database provides you with detailed information on the outgoing links on the fly. Geta detailed overview ofall hostsandanchor textsto obtain the exact information you really need by using theAdvanced Filter– when required also onsingle-link level.

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Additional optimizations and enhancements

Searchmetrics Suite Countries Norway & Finland

New countries in the research area: The research area has been extended to include Norway and Finland comprising 20 countries in total.

Searchmetrics Suite Add Rankings to Project

Transfer of keywords from the research area: From now on, keywords from the keyword research area or from other keyword analysis areas can be easily transferred to your projects.

Searchmetrics Suite Quick Search

Quick Search in the project menu: You can now search for projects quickly and easily in the Project Overview dropdown menu. Simply click on the button, write your project name, and select what you are looking for.

As always, we recommend to test the new features in the Searchmetrics Suiteand we welcome your feedback. If you have questions about the new features, you can directly get in touch with us.

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