Searchmetrics Suite Enhancements: Real-Time Alerts and Custom Site Crawls

Customizable Alerts, Site Crawls & Error Reporting

The needs of digital marketers are growing continuously more complex every day. It is critical for brands to be able to consistently and confidently monitor performance goals and thresholds — in order to respond swiftly to changes while also providing transparent and relevant reporting. Traditionally, this has been a frustration for marketers and they are left with a very unproductive and arduous process.

Searchmetrics now streamlines this process with automatic alerts, crawl scheduling, and custom error reporting – adding to the dynamic Searchmetrics Suite.

Searchmetrics Suite Site Structure Optimization Planing Crawls

Site Crawl Scheduling

Searchmetrics now uniquely offers the groundbreaking ability to schedule custom site crawls – combining the advantages of Site Structure Optimization (SSO), while providing you with continuous data to identify critical errors and areas to provide a better user experience on your website. Daily, weekly, and monthly crawls are available along with the opportunity to look at the development history of your website and identify trends.

  • Plan regular crawls to continually increase website performance
  • Use custom time intervals (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Analyze, optimize, and report your success historically


Searchmetrics Suite Site Struture Optimization: Instant Alerts and Notifications

Instant Alerts and Notifications

With the search landscape changing weekly if not daily, marketers need to be alerted to problems, as they happen to allow them to react quicker than their competitors. The Searchmetrics Custom Chart Creator now includes the ability to set custom alerts and thresholds, providing immediate visibility when a goal is achieved or a critical limit is exceeded. Brands can tailor their own set of alerts allowing them to spend their valuable time addressing only the most relevant issues. Searchmetrics Alerts allows you to be both proactive and reactive in order to stay ahead of changes with actionable data leaving the guesswork to the competition.

  • Set your own performance targets and safety limits on crucial criteria (e.g. 404 errors)
  • Receive automatic email notifications when targets are reached or limits are exceeded
  • Respond to critical developments quickly, directly, and in a targeted manner


Searchmetrics Suite Site Structure Optimization: Custom Site Optimization Reports

Custom Site Optimization Reports

Having a well-optimized site that is easy for search engines to crawl is vital to a brand’s success. With so many factors to consider, marketers are left puzzled with where to begin. In addition, not all action items can be resolved leaving executives with more questions than answers when viewing reports.

Searchmetrics allows you to prioritize and filter site crawl results to help your team focus on only the most relevant action items and set up targeted reports. Customize your results by moving any errors that are irrelevant to you, or that cannot be resolved just now, to the archive. Archived results are always preserved and can be included in your reporting at any time.

  • Report only the most relevant items important to your team and business needs
  • Prioritize your crawl results to strategically address Panda and Penguin issues
  • Filter and archive non-relevant errors, warnings, etc.


More information about Site Optimization

Searchmetrics: Russia added to database
Searchmetrics: India added to database

Searchmetrics’ Global Expansion Continues

Russia & India added to Research database

The Searchmetrics Research database has been expanded to include Russia and India. The industry’s largest database now comprises a total of 24 countries with over 500 million keywords and 150 billion links across more than 100 million domains and over 4 years of historical data.
Extend your global reach and gain insight into a website’s organic, paid, and social visibility as well as rankings, backlinks, keyword research, and deep competitive analysis.


An overview of our research countries:

USA xx Great Britain xx Germany
France Argentina Australia
Brazil Denmark Finland
Italy Japan Canada
Mexico Netherlands Norway
Austria Poland Sweden
Switzerland South Africa Spain
Turkey Russia India

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