Searchmetrics Suite New Innovations:
Growth Reporting

Focus On The Metrics That Matter

Since Searchmetrics was founded in 2005, we have always placed client success as our top priority. We continuously commit ourselves to delivering innovation to SEO professionals at a torrid pace. In addition to providing a best-in-class platform for search practitioners, we have also helped to up-level SEO to executives with clear and measurable competitive and ROI-related insights.

Growth Reporting

Searchmetrics Growth Report

With our new Growth Reporting, we enable you to demonstrate clear performance advancement to your executives across business relevant time frames – highlighting organic search as an important marketing channel.

Build A Complete ROI Dashboard In Under One Minute

In the last 6 months, the size of our massive content database increased by 150% . With more than 600 million keywords and over 5 years of historical data – Searchmetrics offers the largest, most accurate competitive research repository for SEO and PPC based on billions of data points that are dynamically calculated.

Key Benefits

  • Increase efficiency of reporting – Spend up to 50% less time tying the impact of your search efforts to ROI – in one report
  • Measure relevant, organic search performance in a single view – Gain a complete view into trended Traffic, Conversions, Visibility, and Market Share performance with flexible date ranges (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Communicate changes in growth effectively – Identify variations in your campaigns due to factors like seasonality, and communicate overall trends that really matter
  • Track performance with multiple views – Highlight your contribution to organic search performance for executives with clear, fully customizable ROI charts and tables.

Searchmetrics Visibility Growth Report

Content Optimization – Update


Searchmetrics Content Optimization is particularly popular with our customers. Therefore, we are continuously working to improve the usability and performance of our powerful content optimization solution. The new revisions and enhancements include:

  • Faster performance and stability
  • Naming option for easy searchability and comparability of different optimizations
  • Content analysis for dashboards add to comfortable reporting of instructions
  • Set up details directly on the evaluation side for a quick overview

Increase Of Search Database by 150%

At Searchmetrics, our top focus is our customers and their feedback. We listened to your needs and made the #1 content optimizer even better. Infuse your content creation process with actionable insights from Searchmetrics Content Optimization, updated to be even more user-friendly, affording content authors an unprecedented way to streamline their development from start to finish.

Key Benefits

  • Organize your content efforts – Generate multiple content crawls around the same topic, creating naming for easy identification and delete when finished
  • Create content faster and easier – Coordinate the topics and pages you want to focus on and get recommendations in real-time
  • Track content progress with ease – Build a comprehensive content dashboard with elements that help you measure performance
  • Optimize for multiple topics – Ensure the most relevant content for your pages adding multiple keywords and advanced parameters like stop words


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