The New Searchmetrics Mobile Release Is Here – 5 Ways to Drive Winning Mobile Content Performance

Mobile optimization has shifted from optional to non-negotiable in light of the momentous announcement by Google that a “significant” mobile algorithm update will take place on April 21, 2015. Websites properly optimized for mobile search will benefit from the update, with everyone else sure to face ranking and traffic loss so brands must prepare themselves. Searchmetrics fully equips and supports marketers in the new mobile age as the world’s first and only platform that helps brands lay a foundation for and manage their mobile strategy.

Here’s how we can help:

NEW Historical Mobile SEO Visibility

Determine how the Google Mobile Update affected your brand


  • Identify the differences between mobile and desktop visibility quickly and easily – now in the Research area for more than 100 million domains worldwide
  • Evaluate the impact of Google updates on your Mobile Visibility by uncovering your Mobile performance, leveraging over 10 weeks of historical data
  • Enhance your mobile strategy by comparing your Mobile Visibility with your top competitors
  • Analyze mobile content performance on-demand, across: USA, UK, Germany, and France

NEW Mobile Rankings

Uncover your brand’s mobile optimization potential


  • Balance your content performance for mobile and desktop with the new Mobile vs. Desktop ranking comparison, now available in Searchmetrics Research –  on-demand
  • Maximize your mobile presence by uncovering top traffic mobile keywords instantly
  • Gain comprehensive mobile ranking data for millions of domains in the Research area for: USA, UK, Germany, and France

NEW Local Mobile Performance

Target local markets and buyers on-the-go


  • Analyze Local Mobile content performance with the world’s only research solution that delivers Local Mobile visibility and ranking, out-of-the-box
  • Maximize your presence in local markets by focusing on keywords and topics relevant to mobile consumers in specific cities
  • Drive local mobile search performance worldwide – now available for 28 major cities in the Research area:
    o    USA: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Columbus
    o    Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Leipzig, Frankfurt
    o    United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds
    o    France: Paris, Marseille, Lyon

UPDATED Mobile Content Optimization

Produce engaging mobile content for consumers

  • Create and optimize relevant, mobile-friendly content with Searchmetrics advanced mobile crawl technology
  • Discover untapped potential, comparing your mobile content directly with the current market demand
  • Receive relevant, actionable recommendations on important mobile content factors for your pages
  • Stay ahead of the competition with Searchmetrics’ advanced mobile crawl technology, refined for the Google update

Mobile Site Structure Optimization

Build winning site architecture for mobile devices

  • Ensure sound page and content architecture and structure of your mobile website with over 120 on-page elements analyzed
  • Improve mobile user-experience with our advanced measurement of important factors like mobile site speed
  • Fix device-specific errors and warnings with clear, easy to understand instructions and tips
  • Safeguard your mobile presence with scheduled Mobile Site Structure crawls, providing continuous reports on mobile site health

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