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Research Cloud

What will you achieve with a world-leading database at your fingertips? The Research Cloud is Searchmetrics’ repository of over 250 billion pieces of information, which includes keyword rankings, search terms, PPC and social data. Our massive but easy-to-navigate database will give you all the information you need to track competitor progress, and improve your online presence, ranking, and conversions.

Our industry-leading KPIs will help you track global, mobile, and local data covering organic and paid search, as well as social media. We give you all the data you want and all the data you need about your own URL and competitor websites.

Around the World in 8 Seconds: We have the largest global reach of any SEO platform, crawling the Web regularly in more than 134 countries. Our Research Cloud makes it easy for you to immediately gather data for more than 120 million domains. Simply type in the URL and we will pull numbers from our historic database from websites all around the world and present them to you in mere seconds.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Analyze over 120 millions domains on-demand across: SEO, PPC, Social, Mobile, and Content for the most holistic view of search and content performance
  • Instant data story complete with relevant and impactful metrics — with one click
  • Compare PPC and SEO side by side for a holistic approach to search
  • Unlimited view into competitors’ strategies including traffic and mobile focus

Content Performance

Content means money. In an age where good content is the key to attracting and maintaining public interest in your company, you can’t afford to neglect this profit powerhouse. The Searchmetrics Suite now allows you to evaluate the performance of your content so that you spend the least amount of time making only the best and most relevant content.

Our page-based analysis allows you to jump right into your content and get the data that’s most relevant to your online strategy. The reign of keywords is over; to really get the big picture and improve your ROI, you have to focus at the page level.

Find Potential: Our key KPIs for content performance, including: SEO Value, Traffic Index, and Search Volume allow you to identify specific pages that have the potential to perform better and really give you an edge in the content marketing space. The availability of detailed and targeted content analysis gives you the opportunity to test the effectiveness of your content in a total span of 26 countries (including the recently added countries of Singapore and Hong Kong).  In addition, for the first time, you can uncover hidden gaps in your online strategy for your top performing pages and direct competitors across the 8 most important ranking factors for success to improve rankings, traffic and conversion rate.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Analyze your content quality and determine the most relevant topics and keywords
  • Measure all of your pages against the market across the 8 most important content performance factors
  • Find semantically related topics with a single click with an advanced page-based approach
  • Uncover all competitors for each of your pages leaving nothing unrevealed

But don’t take our word for it. Experience the power of the Research Cloud and Content Performance for yourself.

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Joe Sinkwitz, Chief Revenue Officer of Copy Press

“I think what is really great, is how many questions it can almost pre-answer for how people approach keyword research. It’s way beyond it, its showing them, hey here is how we are going to approach an over all topical set and build out your strategy vs. trying to do what used to work back in the 90s. Those days are over and it’s why we chose to partner with Searchmetrics.”

Joe Sinkwitz, Chief Revenue Officer of Copy Press

Micah Fisher-Kirshner, Senior SEO Manager at Zendesk

“Searchmetrics’ new Content Performance tool can save hours of work each day. By just entering a URL, this powerful feature can immediately show what content I should update, and most importantly, how I should update my content.”

Micah Fisher-Kirshner, Senior SEO Manager at Zendesk