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Visibility Guard

Visibility Guard

Website performance can make or break a business. Just ask any CFO or CMO. And as websites grow larger and more complex—with multiple departments refreshing their own content—the risk of performance-killing errors skyrockets.

Whatever errors they are and whenever they occur, critical errors such as 404s and canonical issues can quickly turn your “money pages” into chump change.

If you can’t react quickly to such events, you risk losing visibility, market share and revenue.

Searchmetrics Visibility Guard

Protect Your Money Pages

You know what your most valuable pages are. The ones that consistently deliver the most leads, conversions and, ultimately, revenue. We call those money pages. Those pages are the heart of your business.

With Visibility Guard, you can:

  • Identify your money pages
  • Monitor them continuously for on-page errors
  • Pinpoint technical problems immediately


Visibility Guard alerts you automatically so you can address problems before they degrade performance and revenue suffers. We also re-assess your high value pages on a weekly basis to ensure the targeted pages are fresh and relevant. You can activate Visibility Guard in just a few clicks, saving time and resources while maintaining search and website performance.

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