Searchmetrics Page Forecast:
Unlock Page Potential to
Boost Traffic and Revenue

Projecting the impact of organic search efforts on a brand has been difficult to demonstrate in the past. When Google introduced ‘Not Provided’, attributing organic search to ROI was further complicated with keyword level data disappearing completely. While organic search is better suited for long term ROI and building a brand, the lack of clear measurement, compared to paid search, has left marketing leaders questioning its value. Now, there is finally a solution.

Searchmetrics Page Forecast

Searchmetrics Page Forecast Keywords

Searchmetrics delivers the new Page Forecast for CMOs, SEOs, and Content Marketers to maximize organic search and content ROI. Powered by the revolutionary Traffic Insight, brands can now identify the pages with the highest traffic potential, helping them better prioritize their SEO and content marketing efforts.

  • Discover and target pages with the highest traffic potential to drive revenue growth
  • Determine the value of traffic and identify what the savings would be versus PPC
  • Reveal the gap between current and expected traffic based on rank improvement
  • Prioritize content creation with targeted content recommendations for your top money pages, on-the-fly
  • Improve content quality and measure performance by comparing against forecasted traffic increases

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