Link Optimization & Smart Reporting:
Optimize Link Structure and Create Reports in Seconds

Link Optimization:
the most underestimated
website optimization technique

Internal links are the foundation of every site structure. Even the best content cannot perform if your internal link structure is not user centric. And to increase revenue, users need to be logically directed to the most important pages.

Link Optimization helps search engines to better understand the content and structure of a website, increasing the relevance of its search results.

If the structure of a site and its links contain weaknesses or gaps, this can result in losses in visibility and the relevance of the site decreases.



Increase your online performance with the perfect link structure

Link Optimization from Searchmetrics allows you to analyze your entire internal link structure. It gives you active recommendations on how to link your pages for optimal performance and maximum visibility. Thanks to the integration with your project data from the Searchmetrics Suite, it is easy to see which pages should be optimized first.

Correctly distribute link juice and maximize relevance and visibility

Searchmetrics Link Optimzation: Link Detailed crawling of entire link structure:
With Searchmetrics you can crawl your entire internal link structure – including all information about target and source URLs per page. You receive unique insights thanks to the integration of project data from the Searchmetrics Suite.
Searchmetrics Link Optimzation: Crawler Detect and exploit link potential immediately:
Thanks to automatic identification of high potential pages or hub pages, you know exactly where to begin optimizing your site’s link potential.
Searchmetrics Link Optimzation: Zeitersparnis Save valuable time:
Intuitive charts help you to understand your link structure. This greatly simplifies the optimization process. At a glance you can see where to begin optimizing, saving you valuable time.

Smart Reporting:
Reduce report creation
time by up to 90%

Every online business needs to know how its own website is performing. But which KPIs and insights are relevant for you strongly depends on your role within the company as well as individual needs/requirements. While a CMO needs a high-level overview of the domain’s search performance and its competitors, a SEO team lead or account director of an agency have an entirely different focus.

Smart Reporting from Searchmetrics offers flexible performance reporting for all teams. Thanks to role specific templates and an easy to manage overview, you can create individually tailored reports extremely quickly.

Smart Reporting means you can keep tabs on your search and content strategy and optimize this accordingly. You can ensure revenue is increasing and that you maintain your lead on competitors. Achieve your goals faster and track your progress with individually tailored reports.



The quickest, most convenient way to create reports

  • Role specific reports: Choose your dashboard template from a selection including CMOs, SEO team lead, performance marketer, content marketer. All templates can be further customized to your specific needs, including personalized titles and notes.
  • Up to 90% quicker: Thanks to the auto placement function, it is now even quicker to produce dashboards. Your reports are created in seconds.
  • Flexible and convenient management: The advanced filter function and tag categories mean that you can manage your dashboards with maximum comfort.

Please note: Link Optimization and Smart Reporting are exclusively available to holders of Suite Enterprise or Ultimate licenses 2014/15. Link Optimization crawls are carried out via Site Structure Optimization and are charged with the corresponding number of Page Credits.