Searchmetrics Content Experience Product Update: Content Workflows

Based on your extremely valuable customer feedback and some great innovations, we have enhanced our Searchmetrics Content Experience Software with great new features to provide you with the best content workflows possible.

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Content Localization: 7 (!) new countries in the Searchmetrics Content Experience™.

Our latest update makes it possible to create content easily and consistently, and to optimize quality content across teams and countries.

New Countries:

  • English: Canada, Singapore, India and South Africa
  • German: Austria and Switzerland

Key Benefits:

  • Expand your global search and content presence with targeted recommendations to generate additional revenue
  • Understand local consumer behavior in different markets
  • Save time on brief creation and local keyword research


Research topics and create content for specific markets and languages – on a global scale!

On-Demand Brief: Unlimited opportunity to explore hot breaking topics

The “On-Demand Brief” feature within our Searchmetrics Content Experience provides data that is fetched immediately for topics not currently available in our database.



Key Benefits:

  • Create On-Demand Briefs for topics not yet covered in our database
  • Explore topics that didn’t exist a day ago – with just a click
  • Research breaking news topics or niche products that appeal to a very small market


Discover the unlimited opportunity to explore topics of long-tail content niches that are extremely valuable to content marketers and SEOs alike.

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Word Add-in: Combine the power of Searchmetrics Data with the comfort and familiarity of Microsoft Word™.

The integration of our Searchmetrics data into Microsoft Word brings deep learning to your fingertips.



Key Benefits:

  • Key features of Content Experience seamlessly integrated into the familiar Microsoft Word environment
  • The information provided by the Add-in guides you to create relevant content for your audience
  • Enabling writers to truly experience Agile Content Development


Deliver content that uniquely matches user intent with the deep learning insights of the Searchmetrics Content Experience integrated into one of the most-used text software systems.

Version History: Connecting content strategy with its creation

Version History is a solution that simplifies the flow of content creation. Moreover, this solution can be integrated into the internal workflows of any content business.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve collaboration with trackable changes
  • Enjoy a safety net thanks to the ability to restore previous versions
  • Increase efficiency with a reduction in communication overhead


We have understood the need to connect content strategy and content creation and have made it a synchronized effort, helping companies both optimize their content creation workflows and improve the effenciency of the collaboration between stakeholders.

Refresh Brief: One click is all it takes to get the latest data on your chosen topic without having to create a new brief!

Seasonal fluctuations or trends can change the focus of many topics over time, with no regard for the work and effort you’ve put into creating your content. To prevent this, we have added one more button that you can now press: Refresh Brief.


Key Benefits:

  • All data behind the Topic Explorer, Question Finder and Content Editor will be automatically updated to optimize for today’s status quo
  • Content already written in the Content Editor will be preserved
  • With the help of the Content Analytics section, the success of the optimized content can be measured without interruption


Within a few seconds, you will get an accurate how-to for optimizing your existing content – instead of leaving your success up to chance.