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Content Performance

In Content Performance, you can analyze and compare your content at the URL level based on its performance. This way you can identify the URLs with the greatest potential and optimize your strategy.

Most powerful URLs

Under the “Strongest URLs” tab, you’ll get an overview of the number of URLs in the selected domain as well as the number of organic keywords, traffic index, traffic index potential and traffic value potential at domain and URL level.

URL winner & loser

Here you will be shown ascending and descending URLs that you may want to pay special attention to. You can either make quick profits or optimize weaker URLs. If you apply this analysis to a competitor, you can quickly identify overtaking opportunities.


URL details

Here you can look at a URL or compare it to multiple URLs and find different KPIs of number of ranked keywords, the traffic index and the average position. You can quickly identify vulnerabilities and optimize the corresponding URL.

Competitor by URL

Here you can identify and target common keyword with the competitors of your selected URL. This will help you understand exactly how to strategically adjust the content of your URL.

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