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The Research Area


Start typing the domain you want to analyze. See the overview below for condensed information on the visibility, keyword rankings, competitors, and potential of the domain.


In the Visibility section, you will find data on the Desktop and Mobile Visibility as well as the Organic and Paid Ranks. In addition, the countries with the highest SEO Visibility are listed.

The organic and paid ranks show the position of the analyzed domain compared to the top 100,000 other domains in the research cloud, each for organic and paid visibility. For example, if the selected domain has an Organic Rank of 3, this means that the domain has the third highest SEO visibility in the selected country.

You can compare the organic SEO Visibility with Paid Visibility, as well as the visibility across desktop and mobile, and look at the evolution of the visibility over time. The time span is freely selectable and thanks to our database you can look back for up to five years. You can also add additional domains, say, your competitors in the timeline and compare their visibility.

Keyword rankings

The keyword rankings provide you with an indication of the number and distribution of the organic and paid keywords of your selected domain.

In the Winners and Losers overview, you’ll see the keywords that have improved or deteriorated the most over the past week. The winners are the keywords that helped the domain achieve the strongest improvement in organic rankings and traffic over the past week. Losers are the keywords that caused the domain to lose the most in organic rankings and traffic compared to last week

Content Performance

Learn more about the power of your URLs in the Content Performance section. You will receive data on the number of your URLs and organic keywords compared to your top 10 competitors as well as on your Traffic Index Potential and Traffic Value Potential.

The Traffic Index indicates the organic traffic that you are estimated to receive every month via the selected search engine. The potential is the traffic you could get if you ranked 1st for all the keywords. The value potential translates this value into SEA budget, which would have to be spent on this traffic.

With these values, you can determine the potential of individual URLs and prioritize accordingly.



Competitor analysis

This is where you can view the competitor domains for the domain you have input. These are the domains struggling for the same organic keywords in search engine results as your domain. The competitors are arranged according to the common keywords and the traffic index. For example, a large circle in the upper-right corner means that this competitor shares many keywords with the selected domain but generates more traffic.



How to export the data

If you want to export specific data, click on the three dots in the top right corner. There you can select the export and determine the number of exported records. For example, for top keywords, you can choose how many keywords you want to export.

The Research Area 3


All export data is calculated in real time. It may take a moment for your export to finish. All your exports can be downloaded as a CSV or XLSX file. In the export overview in the navigation you can find all your exports and retrieve them there for up to one month.

Definitions and the Help Center

If you are struggling with a term used in the Research Cloud, you can receive a short explanation by clicking on the question mark icon behind the term.

For detailed information about the Research Cloud, you can visit the Help Center using the large question mark icon at the top right of your profile. Here you will find our glossary for further definitions of terms, our blog for news about SEO and content as well as the media library. In the media library, videos and documents detail how to get the most out of Research Cloud.

If something does not work for you, please do not hesitate to contact our support via the green feedback button on the top right corner. Here we are also pleased about general feedback about the suite.