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Searchmetrics Research Cloud

Understand your market and increase your SEO knowledge


Research Cloud

Your single source of truth for evaluating both competitive and market online performance

  • Research: Improve online performance by understanding the mobile and desktop search landscape.
  • Compare: Analyze your competitive edge against market leaders.
  • Identify: Zero in on high-potential landing pages, keywords, and most relevant SERP features for your market segment.
  • Prioritize: Instantly determine your performance gaps by uncovering the most important and active areas.
  • Easy to use: Intuitive interface, smooth workflows and extensive help center.


Intuitive Interface

The Research Cloud’s new interface is easy to understand and helps you to create smooth workflows for quick wins.


Quick Research

With over 250 billion data points on Search, Content, PPC & mobile, all constantly updated, you can easily find the information you need to do professional SEO.


Increase Revenue

Easily optimize your webpages to improve your website rankings, gain more visitors, and boost your revenue.

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Or, get to know the whole Searchmetrics Suite

The all-in-one platform Searchmetrics Suite includes the Research Cloud, Search Experience, Content Experience and Site Experience, which will help you discover gaps, set strategy and prioritize opportunities to attract your audience and increase revenue.


Search Experience

Combine the benefits of organic and paid search

  • More Revenue: Make search and content decisions based on powerful data and analytics to reach traffic and ROI goals
  • More growth opportunities: Get real-time market insights on the areas with the most potential for growth
  • Greater visibility: Receive data-driven insights for maximizing your online performance


Content Experience

Deliver content that matches the unique user intent

  • Explore: Find the right topics to drive engagement for your target audience
  • Develop: Create high-performing, tailored content with real-time analysis
  • Compare: Analyze and compare yourself to your biggest competitors
  • Optimize: Monitor performance and identify the right time for new content


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