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World’s Best Search Database – Research Cloud

All Countries / All Data
Get access to three out of over 28 countries for deeper analysis of your customer websites and make your search engine marketing more international and successful.
Time Saver Save time with all features in one tool
Show your customers their market potential by inspecting their online performance, competitors, and market share.
Low hanging fruits Grab low hanging fruits
Instantly improve your SEO by easily revealing low-hanging fruits with our Research Cloud. Use advanced filters for more specific results.
Perfect Pitch Create the perfect pitch
We have made the relevant KPIs easy to download and grasp which is ideal for the preparation of your next pitch.

Go deeper with tailored projects – Suite Products

Reports and Dashboard Reports and Dashboards
Produce automated charts, graphs, status reports, and dashboards in seconds for your customers to track performance and monitor ROI. Make precise analysis with our Google Analytics integration.
 Content Optimization Content Optimization
The Suite empowers agencies to use a data-driven approach to content marketing with data and improve ROI.
Visibility Guard Visibility Guard 
Protects the high-value pages of your customers against performance losses due to unforeseen technical errors. The fully automatic alert system spots performance-eroding page errors before search engines do.
Project Area SEO Project Management
Set up tailored projects for your clients with an individual set of keywords and receive precise evaluations with suggestions to increase their visibility. Discover in seconds strengths and weaknesses of customers websites and their potentials.
 Mobiel SEO Mobile SEO
Identifying and optimizing keywords, trends, positions and traffic data for mobile devices. You can differentiate according to mobile devices and evaluate rankings at city level.
Content and Site Optimization Site Optimization
Searchmetrics site optimization is a deep website spider software that helps agencies create an optimal site architecture that fosters relevancy and search engine visibility for their clients.

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Research Cloud Research Cloud

User 1
Countries 3
SEO Visibility up to the last 2 years
Rankings current
SEO/PPC Rankings per
Backlinks per Export 10,000
SEO Check
PPC Check
Keyword Research Check
Backlinks Check
Universal Search Check
Subdomain Rankings
Directory Ranking
Mobile Ranking
Content Performance


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Research Cloud Research Cloud

User up to unlimited
Countries 28
SEO Visibility complete
Rankings complete
SEO/PPC Rankings per Export up to 200,000
Backlinks per Export up to 200,000
SEO Check
PPC Check
Keyword Research Check
Backlinks Check
Universal Search Check
Subdomain Rankings Check
Directory Ranking Check
Mobile Ranking Check
Content Performance Check


SEO Project Management
Data-driven Content Performance
analysis & optimization
Search engine / Country >900
Dedicated Client Success Management Check
Customizable Dashboards Check
# Projects up to unlimited
Keyword Queries up to unlimited
Ranking Frequence daily
Multi-User Management Check
White-Label Reporting Check
Training, Support & Certification Check
Premium Web Analytics integration Check
Channel & Conversions Integration Check
Scalable API Check

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