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Sell more of your products through a deeper understanding what your shoppers are looking for and by creating sites and pages that convert them to customers.

Increase revenue from search.

Organic search drives the highest ROI of any channel, but it is constantly changing. This affects online retail more than any other industry.

We help brands know what their audiences are searching for, attract them to the right page, and convert them to customers.

Tap into digital demand.

Anyone can tell you the search volume for a single keyword. We use rich data and expert analysis to give you insights into whole categories of products.

You will know what your audiences want, when they want it, and how they want to interact online. These deep insights lead to winning digital strategies and increased sales.

Track (and beat) your competitors.

Our deep data sets show you where your competitors are strong and weak. Our consultants help you develop plans to capitalize on your strengths and outsell every competitor.

We help you find niche players who are getting in the way of your full potential and develop plans to beat them.

Make organic search a more predictable channel.

A common challenge for retail is delivering reliable traffic and sales from organic search. When performance varies too much, it can be difficult to forecast accurately.

We work with you to create and execute plans that deliver more revenue, more consistently. Our consultants have decades of experience, and our software is designed to take the guesswork out of SEO.

How we helped one global retailer

Kärcher case study with Searchmetrics

The Searchmetrics Suite™ is being constantly updated, ensuring that we‘re always state-of-the-art here and know we‘re implementing a rigorous SEO strategy. And that at the global level.

Julia Treitz, Kärcher, global e-retailer

Retail Industry SEO Benchmarks

Updated! We analyzed top consumer websites and created SEO benchmarks for seven industries. See how your compare to your competitors across three key KPIs.

ROI of SEO | Average Web Traffic | Organic Market Share

Grocery Retail
Home Improvement
Office Retail
Sports and Outdoor

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