Backlink Analysis

Optimize Off-Page Website Performance

By using Searchmetrics backlink analysis, you get a clear view of your website’s entire backlink structure, including link type, source, industry, popularity, and link strength. And you can analyze all inbound links to evaluate their potential for optimization. Our research database offers more than 150 billion links and includes relevant KPIs for measuring the most important link factors.

Moreover, the Searchmetrics database also provides detailed information on outbound links. Domains, subdomains and URLs can be analyzed according to outbound links, identifying positive links and sources of risk, like spam in blog post comments. With link analysis, you can also evaluate potential link partners and their website neighborhoods without crawling their websites.

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Backlink Analysis EN

Analyze and Rate the Quality of Backlinks

  • Use precise filters for targeted results
    • New and lost links over time
    • The total number of outbound links
    • Searchmetrics page strength
    • Follow or nofollow links
  • Understand ranking factors and KPIs
  • Compare performance against competitors
  • Sort links by industry, website type and country
  • Track link updates and recognize deleted links
  • Get an in-depth view of outbound links and locate spam sources as well as potential link partners

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