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Searchmetrics Data Integration

A website’s performance can be accurately benchmarked by the traffic and conversions generated from online channels such as search, paid and social. Combining the power of the Searchmetrics Suite with popular web analytics solutions as well as the Google Search Console API is the most accurate and efficient way to evaluate your performance data and to identify optimization potential for your web project.

Variety of interfaces for
accurate performance analysis


Use the Searchmetrics Suite and benefit from seamless integration of all key web analytics tools:

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Relevant data for your
performance strategies and forecasts

Integrate your analytics data from your web analysis tool of choice into the Searchmetrics Suite and pool your workflows to gain precise information about the flow of visitors to your landing pages as well as the real traffic and conversion values for your search and content strategies. Detailed evaluation and growth reports of your visitors together with conversion evaluations offer powerful, actionable insights. By integrating a web analytics solution, Searchmetrics enables you to create multi-faceted forecasts across performance tools and helps you to plan your success.

Get the most from your data:
Highly accurate insights thanks to
Google Search Console integration

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Since the release of Searchmetrics Traffic Insight – the worldwide solution for filling in the “not provided” information gap – we also allow you to integrate your Google Search Console Accounts (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). But we don’t simply present the data you are already familiar with. By linking internal and external data sources – the only provider on the market to do so – we are able to calculate meaningful information about traffic-strong keywords for your URLs, based on Searchmetrics Reverse Engineering Technology.
Google Search Console integration ensures maximum data precision, especially when it comes to identifying high traffic keywords for your landing pages. Make strategic decisions based on data not on speculation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Measure your success based on real user data and optimize your search and content strategies
  • Choose from amongst seven different web analytics integrations
  • Analyze real traffic and conversion metrics for your online projects and create forecasts
  • Integrate the Google Search Console API for precise insights into traffic-driving keywords of your URLs
  • Get combined, data-driven insights that no other platform on the market can offer you

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Searchmetrics software is powerful and feature rich. But that doesn’t mean it takes forever to see results. We’ve designed the Searchmetrics Suite to accelerate time to value.