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It’s been apparent for a while that the importance of local search was growing and would continue to grow. Google results vary depending on user location. Google recognizes location based on IP address and puts local results at the top of its search pages. It’s not even necessary to include a location in the search terms. Even regional results in blended search (and Google My Business) are adjusted according to user location. The integration of these results in regular results pages is particularly noticeable and users often click disproportionately on local results compared with results overall.

Therefore, it’s imperative that organizations accommodate these developments in their SEO strategies and tactics. Companies need to make themselves and their products easier to find locally and to optimize web pages for searches incorporating local search terms or verticals. This way companies can improve their website’s rankings for local or regional searches. And certain companies or organizations, including restaurants, car rental companies and healthcare services, will find that locale has even greater importance.

With Searchmetrics, you can improve local SEO marketing and optimize web pages to improve local search results. So, select your city and start analyzing!

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