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Mobile Rankings and Traffic

A decade ago mobile access to the Internet was a dream. And so was mobile SEO. Today mobile Internet access is exploding. Smartphones and tablets have led a dramatic shift in the way consumers use the web. With the rise in local searches and the increased use of mobile devices, companies must develop mobile SEO strategies that optimize this powerful channel. That’s why accurate analysis of mobile rankings and traffic should play an important role in your SEO projects.

Brand New: App Rankings

Searchmetrics App Rankings help enterprises grasp the impact and the potential search performance of their mobile application and their competitors’ and is the first and only solution in the industry to do so.

  • Track search performance of iOS and Android mobile apps within the App Pack
  • Explore organic and paid search rankings and volumes
  • Compare app performance against competitors and benchmarks
  • See winners and losers as the market changes
  • Understand how the location of the App Pack on the SERP influences app visibility



App Rankings is available to Suite Enterprise or Ultimate users with a 2014, 2015 or 2016 license. 2016 Business Edition users can add-on this feature for a modest cost. Access rights and functions differ depending on license type. Please refer to product page for exact details.


Mobile SEO

Searchmetrics provides the capability to do this and more—identifying and optimizing keywords, trends, positions and traffic data for mobile devices. You get clear insight into mobile rankings, which can be compared with corresponding traffic. You can distinguish between smartphone, tablet and non-mobile devices and differentiate by device type, aggregating specific performance data for each. You can also display mobile ranking analysis at the city level to get a contextual understanding of the local performance of keywords. With Searchmetrics Suite, you’ll understand the mobile rankings that are most relevant to your SEO projects.

Mobile traffic analysis enables you to measure your mobile performance in different countries and pinpoint the keywords that are most important in each segment. This allows you to develop your own mobile search strategies that match regional market conditions.


Boost Mobile Rankings

  • Use mobile search engines
  • Analyze rankings in the mobile sector
  • Pinpoint mobile keywords, trend shifts and positions
  • Differentiate according to mobile devices
  • Evaluate rankings at the city level


Understand Mobile Traffic

  • Identify mobile traffic
  • Examine traffic distribution according to device type at domain and keyword level
  • Analyze historical traffic
  • Correlate mobile traffic with mobile rankings
  • Monitor mobile conversions

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