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Find the Most Effective Balance Between Paid and Organic Search

Whether marketers use paid or organic search—or both—they’re constantly aiming to improve site traffic and drive conversions. So prioritizing the best keywords for paid and organic search and finding the right balance between the two is critical to maximizing growth in the most economical way. Nevertheless, brands often struggle to compare and analyze these channels. But with the Searchmetrics Suite, you can merge paid and organic channels and manage them simultaneously.

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Paid Search

With key metrics like traffic, ad budget, ad copy and rank position for over 100 million domains, digital marketers get a 360-view of their search marketing efforts for every brand. Tracking paid visibility with Searchmetrics helps identify the advertising activity of a domain on Google. Fluctuations in paid visibility often result from budget increases or cuts as well as market changes. To replicate effective tactics, you can also measure the historical impact of your search efforts against current initiatives.


With Searchmetrics, you can see who shares the most paid keywords with your domain, identifying known and new competitors. With this information, you can find new keyword options for your brands. For example, you can employ competitive analysis on paid search to identify missed keyword opportunities, which can be used for organic search as well. Implement A/B testing of your paid campaigns against those of your competition to see who benefits from the best visibility and find the right mix between paid and organic.

PPC and Organic Search Performance

Searchmetrics holistic search delivers a precise comparison of ranking, traffic and conversion data for organic search and PPC performance. It gives you a complete, in-depth look at search engine marketing performance by comparing organic and PPC performance with the same keyword set and identifying hidden traffic and conversion potential. This way, your organic SEO projects and your PPC campaigns can work together to drive greater traffic from those most likely to buy. You’ll able to avoid having one channel cannibalize the other and eliminate overspending on paid keywords when you’re converting well with organic search. And you can refine PPC campaigns by eliminating keywords that generate paid traffic, but do not result in conversions.

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