Predict SEO results and own the SERPs.

Track keyword performance for your own business and your competitors’. Find and fill the gaps so you can successfully attract a wider audience.

Searchmetrics Search Experience: How are my keywords performing?

Track your global and national online performance in the context of your specific markets.


Chart your path to dominate organic search.

Utilize advanced SEO keyword tracking along with the latest machine-learning technology. Gain actionable insights at page level and recommendations that will drive your traffic and sales.


Track SEO performance anywhere you have an online presence.

Monitor your search performance across 130+ countries, 1000+ locations, devices, search engines, and result types. Keep track of your rankings as well as market share, competitors, and growth potential.


Understand your customers' intent and give them what they want.

Identify your audience’s search intent and what content is relevant for them. Find out if your website is optimized for the right target groups.


Let crystal clear reports tell your SEO story.

Data-driven market insights allow for targeted reporting, prioritization, and optimization. Make use of structured keyword tagging based on regions, market segments, or product categories to tell the stories of your SEO performance.

How to win in the ever-changing search landscape.

Expert analysis and guidance

Track Your Performance

Make the best strategic decisions by tracking your keyword performance and identifying emerging trends.

Monitor Competitors

Keep track of your competition, spot new players, and benchmark against others within your industry.

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Unveil Performance Gaps

Discover new opportunities, find areas with the highest potential for growth, and optimize your search strategy effectively.

Measure URL Performance

Gain performance insights at URL level and uncover ways of improving individual pages in a targeted manner.

Uncover SERP Features

Discover the potential of SERP features like images, videos, maps, and AMP to expand your presence in the search results.

Set Your SEO Strategy

Use your Share of Market and competitive position to intelligently drive your SEO with data.

How to win in the ever-changing search landscape.

Track Organic Keyword Rankings

Track Organic Keyword Rankings

Track thousands of organic keywords in over 150 country- and language-combinations.

Monitor Winners and Losers

Monitor Winners and Losers

Uncover your top-performing keywords and find any decrease in rankings.

Analyze URL Performance

Analyze URL Performance

Gain an overview of changes and opportunities for your URLs one-by-one. View them as a list or dive deep to discover new optimization opportunities.

Analyze SERP Features

Analyze SERP Features

See keywords your website ranks for, such as featured snippets. Optimize further by comparing your results to competitor SERP features.

Share of Market Report

Share of Market Report

Contrast your performance with competitors on page one for your selected keywords.

Jacco Hermus - Head of SEO,

In the past it cost us a lot of time to analyze the market for specific projects. With Searchmetrics it's really simple and easy to get a lot of data in a short time and create value for our customers much faster.

Jacco Hermus, Head of SEO,

How Searchmetrics Search Experience helps enterprises leverage search data.

Product Managers

Compare your products' performance to that of other categories, directories or direct competitors.


Uncover the keywords that are driving your performance and that are responsible for your competitors' success.


Find content that will dominate the SERPs and bring high levels of value to your business.

​​​​​​​We have answers!

What's the difference between Search Experience and Research Cloud?

The difference is mostly in the context of the data and the ability to track performance. Search Experience is based on a collection of keywords and crawling agents from over 130 countries selected by our customers to define the markets that they care about. Search Experience is our keyword tracking software module where data is updated and saved on a schedule also defined by the customer.

Research Cloud is based on a large, Searchmetrics-defined data set that contains over 1 billion keywords and is updated monthly for 30 select countries.

How much does it cost to export data from Search Experience?

Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. The data in Search Experience is based on your keywords. We don’t charge you for exporting the data that was curated by you. (Note: the over 50 PB database driving Research Cloud is created by Searchmetrics. Data exported from the Research Cloud is limited and can include additional costs.)

What is a Project?

Projects are containers that hold all the data for a particular customer market or initiative. Some marketers have different projects for different regions or for different product categories. These projects are used continuously for years. Some marketers create projects for different initiatives. These projects can also be temporary, so when the initiative is complete, they can be removed.

How do I see the online performance of my competitors?

Through Search Experience, we know who ranks for the keywords in a project. We list the top competitors in most charts and allow you to select the competitors you want to see in the chart or graph. You can also set which competitors you want to track when you set up your project. It is also possible to see information in a head-to-head format with one competitor, where you see a detailed breakdown of unique and shared keywords.

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