Improve website performance with a strong technical SEO foundation.

Searchmetrics Site Experience and its unique website crawler and internal link validation capabilities enables you to increase traffic and sales with actionable performance insights.

Be alerted to risks and opportunities – for one page or a million.


Protect your website performance with custom crawls and regular monitoring.

The wide range of user agents, selectable page crawling, and automatic scheduling ensure regular advanced audits for technical problems, linking and indexing – even for JavaScript-based websites.​​​​​​​


Prioritize website updates by highest risk and highest traffic potential.

Identify your website’s key risks and opportunities. Correct errors early before they cause performance issues. Focus on essential areas with high traffic potential, to improve in a strategic way.


Clear insights drive faster, more scalable on-page optimization.

Take precise action by combining insights for page speed, website architecture, internal linking and content with URL ranking data to effectively enhance your on-page performance.


Maximize your website's performance with the best internal link structure.

Understand the impact of your internal link structure and receive a blueprint on how to optimally link your pages. Increase your website’s relevance and ranking power – for improved search performance and better visibility.

How to accelerate your website's performance.

Find Redirect Chains

Identify incorrect redirects and redirect chains to prevent bad user experiences, dilution of link equity, and avoid confusing search engine bots.

Improve Internal Link Structure

Pinpoint which pages offer the most significant potential and optimize your internal link structure and link juice distribution to increase search performance.

Analyze JavaScript Pages

Leverage advanced crawling technology and examine websites using JavaScript-based frameworks for a comprehensive audit.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Determine duplicate URLs, canonical tags, and improve your page titles and meta descriptions to their full potential to dominate the SERPs.

Monitor Server Responses

Evaluate your website's server response codes and identify errors for a barrier-free user experience and top-notch technical structure.

Maintain optimal speed

Enhance Website Speed

Improve your website speed with detailed analysis and recommendations for your page loading times and file sizes.

Mathieu Chapon - Founder & Director Foresight

Instead of using various different tools for different demands, we now use only Searchmetrics. This enables us to rationalize our spending and improve our productivity.

Mathieu Chapon, Founder & Director, Agence SEO Search Foresight

How Searchmetrics Site Experience helps enterprises leverage search data.

Technical SEO Specialists

Monitor site speed, indexability, server errors and conduct automated SEO audits. Verify that your site is crawlable for both desktop and mobile agents – even if it uses JavaScript.

Content Marketers

Check your website's internal linking and improve the link equity flowing to your content.

Digital Marketing Managers

Have the right tools to ensure your website has the best technical foundation to perform at global scale.

​​​​​​​We have answers!

How many pages can I crawl with Site Experience?

With our website crawler, you can audit up to a maximum of 2 million pages per crawl.

What types of pages can I crawl?

You can crawl all HTML pages as well as websites that rely on JavaScript. Additionally, you can choose to crawl the website’s sitemap, ignore robots.txt rules, and follow internal NoFollow links.

What types of user agents can I choose from?

You can choose from Searchmetrics Bot, Google Bot, Google Bot Smartphone, Apple Bot, Bing Bot, Baidu Bot, IOS Mobile, and Android Mobile. You can also determine the region (Germany or the US) as well as the crawl speed.

What is the benefit of improved internal linking for my website?

Your website’s internal link structure is one of the most underestimated options you have for optimizing your search performance. Internal links are just as important as great content and they provide strong optimization potential. With our internal link checker, you can build up the perfect link structure to distribute link juice the right way and increase your organic traffic and visibility.

What does scheduled monitoring mean?

With scheduled monitoring, you can choose from a variety of scheduled options, including daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or every 6 months. Site Experience will regularly crawl your website with your preferred crawling preferences.

Can I analyze more than one domain?

Yes, crawls can be set up for any and all of your domains including staging environments.

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